Wizard Games, "GOAL 94" or "One-Nil"

Wizard Games, "GOAL 94" or "One-Nil"

Post by tocal.. » Fri, 05 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi, I mailed Wizard Games, (also known as New Era Software)  requesting more
information on Goal 94 and nothing came.  I'd like more info on this
international soccer computer game.  I am writing from a public library and
so cannot download anything like a shareware disk or anything.  But I'd like
to know more about the game, like: Are the teams rated as "after the 1994
World Cup (which would have Brazil #1) or before the WC94 ?  And whether, the
ratings can be changed so as to reflect a more recent ranking of the nations?
 Also, are current powerhouses such as Croatia, South Africa, Yugoslavia in
GOAL 94? But my main question concerns the seedings of the teams in the
tournaments... How are the teams seeded and grouped into the World Cup and
Continental Championships?  And is it a fair way of grouping the teams? I'd
like to know whether it is a challenging game.  I am a registered user of
One-Nil, and was ***ed to it, even though it became unchallenging after a
few seasons.  In other words, how many years would it take the Rep. Ireland,
U.S.A. or Reggae Boyz to win the World Cup? If there is anyone out there, who
has played this game or can send me information, I would greatly appreciate

I pick Spain for the world cup this year.  I think they'll finally win one.

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Wizard Games, "GOAL 94" or "One-Nil"

Post by pulg » Fri, 05 Jun 1998 04:00:00

The game came out right after WC 94 and reflects standings pre-WC.

Stats are changable (a utility comes with the game that allows you to
do this).

If you enjoyed One-Nil, you will also enjoy Goal '94. IMHO, these are
the two best soccer sims I've played. I've had both for years and
still play them regularly.

One-Nil has been updated, but Two-Nil has a different interface that
is much less attractive than the old one.

-- Steve Lopez