UEFA CUP, Eintracht Frankfurt, Part II

UEFA CUP, Eintracht Frankfurt, Part II

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First the score: Frankfurt - La Coruna 1:0, 90th min.***haut

Finally it's time to give some information about Eintracht Frankfurt. I know that everybody
was waiting for it, especially the Champions from Bflo, but Frankfurt had several away
games, so it was difficult to give you proper live coverage. Yesterday we made it to the
stadium to see Eintracht play against Deportivo La Coruna/Spain (First game of the 3rd
round UEFA Cup). The game was like the weather, very bad, which leaves me with nothing
to tell. The real heroes were the people in the stands, because they had to brave sub zero
degree temperatures.Only 12000 fans showed up, propably they already knew what they
could expect. The game didn't do anything to heat them up. It was a typical 0:0 game, no
chances for either team, despite strong defense on both sides. It's a shame that Frankfurt
didn't do anything to win, although they eventually won. But this reflects the problems of
Frankfurt, nobody is able to put the ball into the net and  playmaking is non-existant. The
strongest players on Frankfurt's side were, not surprisingly, Binz, holding the defense
together and Roth and Bindewald. Playmaker Bein was a total loss, his passes only reached
the Spanish players and Gaudino as well as Okocha were ineffective. The only striker Furtok
had no chance against a compact defense. This problem is now going on for the last two
months. The refreshing play of the start of the season was lost with the loss of Yeboah, the
Ghanian superstar. He scored almost every goal, but he is out with a knee injury. He is not
expected to play until Febuary. It's a big surprise that Frankfurt is still on the top of the
German Bundesliga. They are leading the pack by 2 pts., thanks to the inability of the other
teams and not because they are so strong. Main contender Bayern Munich has chances but
is losing points against poor teams like Schalke. At the moment everybody has flaws, which
makes the Bundesliga so attractive to watch. As a Frankfurt fan I hope that Frankfurt can
keep their lead until the winter break, although it will be very tough. The remaining games
will be at home against Gladbach(probably we will go to this game, although it is a painful
experience) and then away at Werder Bremen and Kaiserslautern(looking forward to see this
game, ordered already tickets), two teams looking for the top. The outlook for Frankfurt can
only be brighter: In February Yeboah will return and the weather will get better. Maybe they
eventually can win the Championship!
Maybe we will see two out three of the remaining games. (Explaining the "maybe"): But
going to a game at Waldstadion, Frankfurt's home site, is only something for "true" fans. And
I don't count myself as a die ***e. The stadium is located in a forest, the name "Wald"
="forest" already indicates that. The stadium is multi purpose which takes away a lot from a
soccer game. 20 minutes walk through dark (really, no lights at all) forest make a visit much
easier. Expecting a scoreless game doesn't help either, my prediction for the Gladbach
game: Who scores the first goal (that's all you will see), wins!
My hope for the future is a new soccer only stadium, because this is a main reason why
Frankfurt has a low attendance rate. It is much easier to watch the game live on TV.
For example Kaiserslautern has a great stadium, it is a sure thing not to miss this game!

Afterall I could also give some information about Frankfurt's last two German league games,
they ended both 0:3, with all the goals in the 2nd half. But I don't like talking about losing.
Frankfurt always dominated the first half, but failed to score. Individual mistakes brought
them on the losing track.

OK, this is enough! Everybody felt asleep? Great! Winter break will be soon to hibernate.

 and Let's go BILLS, Mission Atlanta 94

PS. Great job! CPGIS
PPS. latest rumour: Frankfurts manager told the media that they are working
     on the signing of an offensive midfielder. There are no names announced
     yet but a decision will be made before Christmas.