Man. Utd vs Liverpool

Man. Utd vs Liverpool

Post by Mr S Chetty - » Sat, 24 Apr 1993 16:15:53

First of all I apologise for the use of mister I do not know how to change
this so if some poor soul can tell me I will change it.

There has been much discussion in rss over these two clubs and generally
comments have been negative apposing supporters.   But at the end of the day
I think both clubs can be proud of their achievements.   Liverpool have
ridden the storm and put together a typical Liverpool winning streak.   This
certainly points to an exciting next season.   I guess a team has not felt
pressure unless it is 'Pool chasing you for the title.   That's what made
the championship that Arsenal won so special (Ask any Arsenal supporter).  
The last few matches also proved that injuries and form did play a vital
part in the early season demise.   Barnes and Walters have recovered to spur
the team to new heights and Rush has regained his scoring touch.   So a top
five finish is one to be proud off.

Manchester Utd look certain to win the first Premier league.   I suppose
technically one could compare only premier titles and say Man. Utd 1,
Liverpool 0.   Expect this from ecstatic and spockid sorry stupid Utd fans.
Any Utd supporters should still be more pleased with their teams performance
and hopefully they will also win the European Cup next season.   The only
backlash of Utd winning the league is that I have to now buy a Utd track
suit.   I promised myself I would do this if Utd won the championship.

So Liverpool were not relegated and Utd did not choke.   Shows how much you
guys/girls know about soccer.

All this could be premature since Villa still have a chance but I doubt.