HEY Italians - "The Behaviour Of The Fans..."

HEY Italians - "The Behaviour Of The Fans..."

Post by Dieg » Sun, 23 Jun 2002 09:03:02

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Jose Beckham"

> ==============================
> LONDON, June 19 (Reuters) - Manchester United manager Alex
> Ferguson, who has had a bet on Brazil to win the World Cup, believes the
> South Americans will lose to England in Friday's quarter-final in


> 'My cash is on Brazil to win the tournament but, now, I honestly believe
> that England will beat them,' Ferguson was quoted as saying in the Sun
> newspaper on Wednesday.
> Bookmakers William Hill quote England at 2-1 to win the match, with
> Brazil 5-4 and the draw 15-8.
> 'This England side will get better and better. The team spirit seems to be
> first class. The most important thing behind England's chances of winning
> the behaviour of the fans,' added Ferguson.


This last line says it all. If there is one thing I noticed about Italian
fans it is there general cynicism towards their team when their team isn't
performing up to their standards. Everyone does have a tendency to do this,
but for my money the Italians are the worst. Maybe if they supported their
team a little more under dire cicumstances? Oh well, I guess we all have
that tendency, but I have to give it to the Spanish for as far as I can see
they seem to be the least negative followed by the Portuguese, at least in
my community. Any thoughts?