Dutch teams in Europe (or: Romario! Romario! Romario!)

Dutch teams in Europe (or: Romario! Romario! Romario!)

Post by Eelco Hoeke » Sat, 07 Nov 1992 18:48:36

And here are the results of the Dutch teams in the European Cups.

The Champions Cup (EC I):

        Philips SV (PSV) - AEK Athens   3 - 0
         1-0 Romario
         2-0 Romario
         3-0 Romario
        Man of the match: Romario (no suprise here)
        Philips SV advances 3-1 on aggregate.

Teams left in the Champions League (split up the way I'd like it):
        Porto                   Milan
        Rangers                 IFK Goteborg
        CSKA Moscow             Olympique Marseille
        Club Brugge             Philips SV
(Friday 12:00 CET we'll know how the groups really look like)

The Cup-winners Cup (EC II):

        Feijenoord - FC Luzern  4 - 1
         1-0 Taument
         1-1 Nadig (?)
         2-1 Blinker
         3-1 Kiprich
         4-1 Kiprich (pen)
        Man of the match: Reggi Blinker
        Feijenoord advances 4-2 on aggregate.

The Runners-up Cup (UEFA CUP):

        KV Mechelen - Vitesse  0-1
         0-1 Cocu
        Man of the match: Philip Cocu
        Vitesse advances 2-0 on aggregate

        Ajax - Vitoria Guimaraes  2-1
         1-0 Bergkamp
         1-1 ?
         2-1 Alflen
        Man of the match: none.
        Unlike the other games where a Dutch team was involved, this was
        a boring one.
        Ajax advances 5-1 on aggregate.

Four Dutch teams have survived both the first and second round of the European
Cup. That hasn't happened since 1974, when Ajax, PSV, Twente and (the late)
FC Amsterdam managed to qualify for the third round.
Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands are the only countries with four teams left.
Spain, France and Russia have three teams playing the third round.
Germany has only two teams left. European Champions Denmark had three teams
in the second round, none of those advances. And England ... :) ;) :).