South American fixtures for World Cup qualifiers (fwd)

South American fixtures for World Cup qualifiers (fwd)

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PARIS (Dec 11, 1995 - 01:00 EST) - FIFA announced on Sunday the calendar for
the South American section of the 1998 World Cup qualifying competition.

Brazil qualify automatically for the finals in France as hosts and the
first four
South American teams from a nine-nation tournament will join them.

The dates for the competition are as follows:

24 April 1996 - Argentina v Bolivia, Venezuela v Uruguay, Colombia v
Paraguay, Ecuador v Peru

2 June 1996 - Ecuador v Argentina, Uruguay v Paraguay, Venezuela v Chile,
Peru v Colombia

7 July 1996 - Peru v Argentina, Chile v Ecuador, Colombia v Uruguay,
Bolivia v

1 Sept 1996 - Argentina v Paraguay, Colombia v Chile, Ecuador v Venezuela,
Bolivia v Peru

9 Oct 1996 - Venezuela v Argentina, Uruguay v Bolivia, Ecuador v Colombia,
Paraguay v Chile

10 Nov 1996 - Chile v Uruguay, Bolivia v Colombia, Paraguay v Ecuador,
Peru v

15 Dec 1996 - Argentina v Chile, Uruguay v Peru, Venezuela v Colombia,
v Paraguay

12 Jan 1997 - Uruguay v Argentina, Peru v Chile, Venezuela v Paraguay,
v Ecuador

12 Feb 1997 - Colombia v Argentina, Ecuador v Uruguay, Paraguay v Peru,
Bolivia v Chile

2 April 1997 - Bolivia v Argentina, Uruguay v Venezuela, Paraguay v Colombia,
Peru v Ecuador

30 April 1997 - Argentina v Ecuador, Paraguay v Uruguay, Chile v Venezuela,
Colombia v Peru

8 June 1997 - Argentina v Peru, Ecuador v Chile, Uruguay v Colombia,
Venezuela v Bolivia

6 July 1997 - Paraguay v Argentina, Chile v Colombia, Peru v Bolivia,
v Ecuador

20 July 1997 - Argentina v Venezuela, Bolivia v Uruguay, Colombia v Ecuador,
Chile v Paraguay

20 Aug 1997 - Uruguay v Chile, Colombia v Bolivia, Ecuador v Paraguay,
Venezuela v Peru

10 Sept 1997 - Chile v Argentina, Peru v Uruguay, Colombia v Venezuela,
Paraguay v Bolivia

12 Oct 1997 - Argentina v Uruguay, Chile v Peru, Paraguay v Venezuela,
Ecuador v Bolivia

16 Nov 1997 - Argentina v Colombia, Uruguay v Ecuador, Peru v Paraguay,
Chile v Bolivia