Beckham Comes To America - Mercury Free

Beckham Comes To America - Mercury Free

Post by David Wrig » Sun, 08 Jul 2007 12:35:44


>> I'm sure I can.  But that's the extreme, it's not as though every
>> filling generates such potential.

>Is this statement supported by the findings of any scientific

>Or are you just guessing?

>I think you're just guessing.

>I think that the ONLY scientific way of finding out what the size of
>the electrical potentials generated by the amalgam fillings in your
>own teeth are is to measure them.

>Remember that the Dutch study measured potentials with magnitudes of
>up to 350 millivolts, see:

Yes, you do love to quote that number.  It's like a psalm for you,
isn't it?  You have yet to show that it's meaningful, commonplace, or
of any significance to anyone other than obsessive netloons like

>Perhaps that's why no-one is able to discredit Dr Philip Wander, David
>Beckham's Manchester dentist, when he says that the elctrical behavior
>of amalgam fillings "can cause mental dysfunction", see:


Maybe it's because nobody sees any reason to bother.  I sure don't.

>I wonder if David Beckham noticed any difference when he had his
>amalgam fillings replaced?

If he had, I'm sure Wander would be trumpteting it to the heavens.

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