Croatia-Germany 1/4 final (was: Croatia a invins rasa "superioara " 3:0 !)

Croatia-Germany 1/4 final (was: Croatia a invins rasa "superioara " 3:0 !)

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>>Coren writes:

>>>Croatia a invins rasa " superioara

>>Corectie: Nu Croatia a invins ci don' Albitru ! Fara ajutorul neprecu-
>>petit ( dar platit,gras, desigur) al lu dom "referee"haidamacii croa-
>>tieni o luau in mana !

>There's no way that th match was arranged, and I have to agree with the
>referee's decision, it was a dirty professional foul on one of Croatia's
>top strikers, and such things should be kept out of worldcup soccer and the
>Germans should have known better.  After all, Suker's legs are worth
>millions of DM, that's the way the guy earns his living, and we don't want
>to allow anyone to be fouled that way.

>On the other hand, I have to agree, even after the elimination, the Germans
>didn't seem at all to have played in 10-men: they dominated the game fair
>and squarely, as even many Croatia supporters at the pub I watched the game
>have openly acknowledged.  It's rather unfortunate that the game will go in
>the history books as 3:0 giving future generations the impression that the
>Croats won after an impressive game, when in reality, the 10-mened Germans
>domianted them all over, but, as the Italians and the Germans themselves
>say, the play is won by scoring goals, not nutmegs.  Yesterday, it was
>Croatia that was...  Germany!  ;-)

>C'est la vie, mon ami!

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do not complain for the refere, do you remember, in the italia 90 final
Argentina-Germany, the mexican referee Codesal, that made out a penalty,
and Germany stole us the world champion title, come on, and the
Argentina-Holland another mexican shit like Brisio, that sent out Ortega and
di not gaves us the penalty