US report on US-Venezuela 3-3 game

US report on US-Venezuela 3-3 game

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U.S. Soccer press release:

Venezuela Comes From Behind to Eliminate US From Copa America

   QUITO, Ecuador (Wednesday, June 22, 1993) -- Venezuela came from three goals
back to tie the U.S National Soccer Team 3-3 and eliminate the USA from the
Copa America.
   The U.S. team needed a big win to advance to the next round of the
tournament, but when Miguel Echenausi scored a left-footed drive past U.S.
goalkeeper Brad Friedel in the 89th minute the USA's hopes for advancing were
   The Americans impressed the 55,000 fans at Atahualpa Stadium early by
scoring twice in the first half to take a 2-0 lead in their final first-round
game. When they scored a third goal at the outset of the second half, it looked
as though the USA could cruise into the second round.
   By the time Dominic Kinnear scored the third goal in the 52nd minute off a
Peter Vermes back-heel flick, the U.S. team was playing with a confidence and
offensive style they had lacked in the first two games.
   The U.S. team wasted no chances to shoot, and the offensive style paid off
in the 2Oth minute when midfielder Chris Henderson followed in a throw-in by
Alexi Lalas for the United States' first goal of the tournament. Lalas'
throw-in sailed over the head of John Doyle, bounced once, and ended up in
front of Henderson who quickly deposited the ball in the goal to the right of
the outstretched arms of Venezuelan goalkeeper Jose Gomez.
   After the goal the U.S. team continued to exert pressure. Then, in the 38th
minute it struck again, this time off a set piece. Tab Ramos took a free kick
from the right side into the box. Vermes headed it on goal and Gomez made a
dive for it, but the referee ruled that the ball had already crossed the line.
A flurry followed Vermes header and many at the match had Lalas as the goal
scorer. Vermes, however, confirmed after the game that the referee told him at
the time that he scored the goal.
   Kinnear's goal came on a brilliant sequence involving four U.S. players.
Henderson played the ball off to Tab Ramos just outside of the penalty box.
Ramos tapped it into Vermes, where Vermes laid the ball off neatly to Kinnear,
who scored his fifth U.S. goal.
   But two goals by Jose Dolgetta in the 66th and 78th minutes put the
Americans' hopes for a multi-goal victory in jeopardy. Echenausi's goal in the
games' final minute sealed their fate.
   The U.S. team will depart from Quito at 7:15 a.m. CDT tomorrow and will
return to its training center in Mission Viejo, Calif. Up next for the U.S.
team is the CONCACAF Gold Cup, which begins July 10 in Dallas against Jamaica.
U.S. Soccer General Manager Bill Nuttall said the team would have many of its
European-based players for the Gold Cup. Only Tab Ramos and Peter Woodring
traveled with the team to Ecuador.

Bora Milutinovic: "I'm responsible, it's the coaches fault. When you receive
three goals you should keep it. It's impossible to say it was only the defense
or just the midfield that broke down. It was all of us."

Chris Henderson: "We played poor as a team in the second half. For us it's a
loss, we should have kept the lead and the ball. We were getting spread out. It
was a total lack of concentration on the part of the team."

Peter Vermes: "We came out and did what we needed to do, we scored three goals.
Then in the second half, we went out like a balloon. We got too settled in.
There's no way we can let this happen again."

Alexi Lalas: "It's unexcusable for us to be up 3-0 and let a team come back
like that. We lost our composure and our position. We can only learn so many
lessons and this was the night to learn it. I know that all of us are in great
shame, but we must come back strong from this."

USA -- Brad Friedel, Cle Kooiman, John Doyle, Fernando Clavijo, Paul Caligiuri,
Alexi Lalas, Chris Henderson, Cobi Jones (Bruce Murray, 65), Tab Ramos, Dominic
Kinnear (Jean Harbor, 70), Peter Vermes.
VEN -- Jose Gomez, Carlos Garcia, Miguel Echenausi, Marcos Mathias, Sergio
Hernandez (Ricardo Milillo, 85), Leonardo Gonzalez, Oswaldo Palencia, Jose
Dolgetta, Luis Filosa (Edson Rodriguez, 45:00), Alexander Echenique, Stalin

Statistical Summary:
                USA     VEN
Shots           16      10
Saves           1       2
Corner kicks    2       1
Fouls           12      11
Offside         14      9

Misconduct Summary: VEN -- Dolgetta (caution) 37. VEN -- Rivas (caution) 40.
VEN -- Hernandez (caution) 42. VEN -- Rivas (caution; red card) 84. USA --
Clavijo (caution) 84.

Referee: Alberto Tejada, Peru
Linesman: Carlos Custodio, Peru
Linesman: Edgar Lugones, Bolivia
Reserve: Alvaro Pena, Bolivia

Following is a look at the tournament standings:
Group A:
Team            Pts.    W       L       T       GF      GA
Ecuador         4       2       0       0       8       1
Uruguay         3       1       0       1       3       2
Venezuela       2       0       1       2       6       13
U.S.            1       0       2       1       3       6

June 15: Ecuador 6, Venezuela 1
June 16: Uruguay 1, USA O
June 19: Ecuador 2, USA O
Uruguay 2, Venezuela 2
June 22: USA 3, Venezuela 3
Ecuador-Uruguay (8:30 p.m. EDT)

Group B
Team            Pts.    W       L       T       GF      GA
Paraguay        3       1       0       1        2      1
Chile           2       1       1       0       3       3
Peru            2       0       0       2       1       1
Brazil          1       0       1       1       2       3

June 18: Paraguay 1, Chile O
Brazil 0, Peru O June 21: Paraguay 1, Peru 1
Chile 3, Brazil 2
June 24: Chile-Peru

Group C
Team            Pts.    W       L       T       GF      GA
Colombia        3       1       0       1       3       2
Argentina       3       1       0       1       2       1
Mexico          1       0       1       1       2       3
Bolivia         1       0       1       1       1       2

June 16: Colombia 2, Mexico 1
June 17: Argentina 1, Bolivia O
June 20: Colombia 1, Bolivia 1
Argentina 1, Mexico 1
June 23


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