Cantona & other UK football news

Cantona & other UK football news

Post by The Red Ca » Wed, 15 Feb 1995 16:22:40

Eric Cantona to is set to sue the ITN news network and a number
of British newspapers using French privacy laws.

Cantona claims that he only exchanged "strong language" with the
ITN news reporter and no blows were exchanged. His statement has
been backed up by the local gendarmerie on the island of Gaudalope.

The footballer saw "red" when photographers started taking photographs
of his 6 month pregnant wife.

On a visit to London, Pele, Brazil's sports minister, condemned
the hounding of Cantona by the world's press.

Head of the FA, Bert Millichip (wow), expressed his sympathy (really)
for Cantona and his family.

Alex Ferguson said that the news reporter "got off lightly". ITN last
night moved to a m***stance by condemning Ferguson for his "***
comments to answer a non-*** action".

        Hmmm, sorry ITN, if you took pictures of my wife and kids
        without permission, then you would receive a m***Salford


Phil Neal looks like he has lost his job as manager of Coventry after
their defeat of Palace at the weekend. Pundits are tipping Ron Atkinson
to take his place.


Meanwhile down in the relegation zone....

West Ham 2      Everton 2

Cotty (2)       Rideout

        Looks as if Leicester and Ipswich are going down. Currently,
        there is a choice of around 10 teams who may follow them.

The Red Card

"Bolton Wanderers est le meilleur club du monde" -
        Eric Cantona in a recent interview with the BBC World Service.