West Ham v Liverpool Report

West Ham v Liverpool Report

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                     Wednesday 22nd November 1995
                        FA Carling Premiership
               West Ham United (0) 0    Liverpool (0) 0
                             Att: 24,324

       West Ham                         Liverpool
        1 Miklosko                       1 James  
       12 Rowland                        2 Jones
        4 Potts                          5 Wright
        5 Martin                        25 Ruddock          
        8 Rieper                         6 Babb  
        7 Bishop                        22 Harkness  
       20 Williamson                    17 McManaman
       24 Hughes                         4 McAteer  
        9 Cottee                        10 Barnes    
       14 Dowie                         23 Fowler            
       25 Harkes                         8 Collymore

       Subs                             Subs
       30 Sealey     (GK)               26 Warner      (GK)
        2 Breaker                       16 Thomas                    
       19 Slater                        19 Kennedy                                                                                                                                                                                                          

               Referee: Jeff Winter (Cleveland)

Last season victory for the Hammers secured their place in the Premiership.                
In the same game, David James took a lot of light-hearted abuse from the
West Ham fans for his dyed hair. This season, James started in fromnt of the
Bobby Moore stand, and immediately pointed to his hair and gave a thumbs up
sign to the West Ham fans :)

In the second minute. McManaman made a good run, before crossing the ball to
Collymore. Collymore, who was hoping to prove himself, only manager to shoot
well wide of the West Ham goal.

Three minutes later Cottee made a good run for West Ham. He passed the ball
past Babb to Bishop, whose shot, through the Liverpool defence, was well held
by James.

A minute later and a good Liverpool move ended with McManamans strong header
held by Miklosko, although the linesman had flagged for off-side.

In the 9th minute Rowland passed the ball to Hughes on the left wing. Hughes
crossed the ball to Dowie, in the Liverpool penalty area, but his shot was
just over the crossbar. Dowie had another chance less than a minute later.
Williamson crossed the ball to Bishop, who laid the ball off to Dowie. Dowies'
firece shot was covered and well held by James

Collymore missed a good chance in the 18th minute. Put clear through, he only
managed to chip the ball over the West Ham goal. Although Liverpool were under
most of the pressure in the opening 15-20 minutes, they started to find their
way, and started applying the pressure on West Ham.

In the 26th minute, Harkes made a good run down the Right wing. He crossed the
ball towards Cottee, in the Liverpool penalty area, but Cottee was just beaten
to the ball by Jones, who knocked the ball out for a corner.

McManaman had another good chance in the 35th minute. He picked the ball up
just inside the West Ham half, and took the ball towards the West Ham penalty
area, before unleashing his shot, which was brought off a good save by
Miklosko, in the West Ham goal.

West Ham felt that they should have been awarded a free kick, on the edge of
the Liverpool penalty area in the 38th minute. Harkes crossed the ball to
Cottee who was bodychecked by both Babb and Ruddock on the edge of the penalty
area, but the referee just waved play-on. A minute later and Steve Potts
picked up the ball just inside the Liverpool half. He made a good run, before
shooting from outside the area, and causing James to just tip the ball over
the bar.

The closing 5 minutes of the first half were frantic, with both teams playing
good football, and looking for the opening goal. In the 41st minute Hughes
made a good run down the West Ham right. His cross, aimed at Dowie was knocked
out by Babb for a corner.

In the 42nd minute Bishops long range shot was deflected off of a Liverpool
defender for another West Ham corner. In the 43rd minute Harkes' shot was well
held by James. Finally, in the 44th minute McManaman made a good run, which
saw him take the ball to the by-line. He pulled the ball back across the West
Ham penalty area, only to see Fowler shoot over the empty West Ham goal.

Half Time 0-0

The second half carried on where the first half had ended with both teams
playing good attacking football. This must have rated as one of the best
games at Upton Park for a long time. With the biggest crowd of the season,
of 24,324 the atmosphere was electric.

In the 52nd minute McManaman made another good run, before seeing seeing the
ball celared by Alvin Martin, for a corner, as he tried to pull the ball back
across the penalty area.

Liverpool were unlucky not to take the lead in the 53rd minute. Barnes crossed
the ball Collymore. As Collymore ran into the area, Miklosko dived at his feet
and did just enough to knock the ball out for a corner. From the resulting
corner Wrights' header was cleared off of the goalline by Harkes.

In the 55th minute a good run and shot by McAteer was charged down by Steve
Potts, in the West Ham defence.

Collymore missed yet another good chance on the hour. McManaman made a good
run and crossed the ball to Collymore, who was unmarked in the West Ham
Penalty area. Collymore somehow managed to shoot over the bar from no more
than 5 yards out.

In the 62nd minute Rowland sent a good cross to Dowie, whose powerful header
brought off a good diving save by James. Three minutes later and Danny
Williamson picked up the ball just inside the Liverpool half. He ran with the
ball to the edge of the Liverpool penalty area, before crossing the ball to
Cottee. Cottee's shot was hit over the bar.

On 70 minutes, Collymore turned provider, when he made a good run down the
right wing. He crossed the ball in to the penalty area, where Fowler was
running in. Fowler picked up the ball, but shot well wide of the goal. In the
75th minute Fowler again shot wide, this time having picked up the ball on the
edge of the penalty area.

In the 80th minute McManaman again made a good run, and took the ball into the
penalty area. He lost the ball to Potts, but immediately won the ball back.
Miklosko dived at his feet and managed to knock the ball awayt for a corner.

So the game ended in a 0-0 draw, and the only disappointment was thay the TV
cameras could not have been there to see a true classic of a game.

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