Capdevila and Diego López to Villarreal

Capdevila and Diego López to Villarreal

Post by symbiotr.. » Sat, 23 Jun 2007 00:03:09

Villarreal is hiring Joan Capdevila (Depor) and sub goalkeeper Diego
Lpez (Real Madrid) for next season. Good moves, in my opinion. They
already announced the hiring of Ayala. I think they will continue to
be a team to watch. They have an insoluble Riquelme problem and are
trying to sell him. It is not clear what Riquelme did that the club is
so adamant that they don't want him anymore. I don't want to be
suspicious, but mere disagreements or coming back late from Christmas
break (the official reason) don't usually result in closing the door
to your best player and leader of the team.

Lots of interest for Forln, apparently from Valencia, too. The
Spanish press says that Valencia wants to buy him outright for the
asking price of 23 million euros. We'll see where he ends up. Now
let's not start arguing whether Riquelme is a midfielder or a