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>Here is something I hope the group can use:

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Yeah but will it stop England playing ***football ?

(What the *** is this doing on rec.sport.soccer fer crissakes ?)

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Here is something I hope the group can use:

I am not an expert on these matters, but an old friend of mine has just
sent me some very interesting information about what has been going on.
He has been working down in Texas with a company that has just produced
and applied for patent on an all natural herbal complex that the human
body can convert to DHEA. DHEA is short for dehydroepiandrosterone which
is produced by the adrenal gland. It is the most *** steroid
hormone found in the human body.

   Researchers have been aware of DHEA for years but were puzzled as to
what its function in the body was. Recent research (in the last 5 years)
has come up with some real incredible answers! Again, I do not profess
to be any kind of expert on these matters, but I can quote from articles
and reports published BY the experts. Some quotes:

"DHEA is produced by the adrenal gland, and is the most *** steroid
hormone in the body....this substance can help you in countless ways. Dr
William Regelson of the Medical College of ***ia- perhaps the world's
foremost authority on DHEA- calls it the "mother steroid" in that it
gives birth to all the other steroid hormones and other active
metabolites. It is these metabolites of DHEA that maintain and improve
health, and the body knows how to use DHEA to get what it needs for
optimum health."     Dr. Whitaker,M.D. "Health and Healing" June 1992

Dr. Whitaker continues: "*** levels of DHEA in men and women peak
around age twenty, and it is the only hormone that declines in a linear
fashion in both sexes. As such it is one of the most reliable markers of
aging. By age 80, *** levels of DHEA are only 5% of what they were at
age twenty. In a large population study in Great Britain, it was found
that women who had a *** level of DHEA of less than 10% of that
expected for their age group, developed and died of *** cancer."

He goes on : "Other researchers picked up on this observation and gave
DHEA to rats who were inbred to develope *** cancer. DHEA blocked it.
DHEA seems to protect from both diabetes and obesity....It as a
thermostat that regulates the furnace and inhibits the conversion of
carbohydrates to fat in the body.
  "In November 1991 issue of the 'Journal of Infectious Diseases', Dr.
William Regelson demonstrated that people with HIV virus do not suffer
from full-blown AIDS until their adrenal output of DHEA drops. ***
samples from HIV-positive patients at the Univ. of California at San
Francisco were tested for both DHEA and T-cell levels, the immune cells
that are primarily affected with full-blown AIDS. Men with low levels of
DHEA had double the risk of full-blown AIDS compared to men with normal
DHEA levels."

Incredible, isn't it! The following is of particular interest to me,
because in the last two weeks I have experienced some of the symtoms of
angina. Dr. Elizabeth Barrett-Connor reported in the Dec. 11,1986 issue
of the "New England Journal of Medicine" that in her study of 242 men
over age 50 that those with high levels of DHEA in their *** were only
half as likely to suffer and die from heart  diseases compared to those
with relatively little DHEA.

Since small supplemental doses of DHEA can actually increase the level
of DHEA in the ***, I could be taking these  supplements and be
enjoying the health of  man half my age (I'm 47)!  However, the FDA is
clamping down on the medical use of DHEA claiming that it is
"experimental". That is like saying *** is "experimental". The real
reason is that the DHEA molecule is not patentable,
so the major drug companies are trying to cut the DHEA molecule into
smaller sections, patent those sections, and sell them for a fortune.
And we all know that the FDA serves the major drug companies, not the
public. Therefore,  few doctors risk prescribing DHEA supplements for
fear of calling down the wrath of the FDA. Apparently, they cannot
hinder the company my friend works for because their product is herbal.
I look forward to trying it out.

Other findings: Increasing the *** level of DHEA will decrease the
stickiness of platelets that cause strokes and heart attacks; improve
memory; raise levels of testosterone in men and estrogen in women; help
against Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis,
chronic fatigue syndrome; lowers ***  cholesterol levels; burns fat
and builds lean muscle; prevents atherosclerosis. In short, DHEA
appears to be the anti-aging agent of the body. Intriguing, isn't it?

Here's more: in a 1988 issue of American Health it was reported that
doctors at the Medical College of ***ia gave daily doses of DHEA to
five healthy men in their early 20s. Even though their diet and
lifestyle remained the same, 4 of the 5 lost an average of 31% body fat.
Their weight remained about the same because they gained muscle mass.
The 5th man was already very lean and lost no fat.

Dr. Whitaker states in the Feb. 1994 issue of "Health & Healing" that
our best chance of getting a prescription for DHEA would be from a
doctor who belongs to the American College for the Advancement of
Medicine. Call 800-532-3688 for a list of ACAM physicians in your area.

Some references:
"Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism" 1993, 77 p80-5
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"Muscle Media 2000" Arpil/May 1994, pg. 57
"Health Revelations" by Dr. Charles Atkins  Jan. 1994

Hospitals and universities can access the National Library of Medicine's
DIALOG MEDll index which will yield 78 articles that dicuss DHEA and
aging in the same article.



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