The Hard Man

The Hard Man

Post by R.M. Engli » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 01:14:59

Searching through my memories, I remembered the comic strip "The Hard Man"
which appeared in Roy of the Rovers. In "The Hard Man", more than once did
the following events occur:

The eponymous charcter would have a bad game

Some fan in the crowd would yell "Dexter", which I seem to remember was his
name, "my grandmother can play better than you" or some similar cutting

'The Hard Man' would then leap into the crowd, grab the above fan by the
shirt front, while the supporters around him wouls scatter with comments
such as "eek" and "he's gone mad". Had Roy Race been there he would have
exclaimed "What the --" or "Stone the --" as he did when suprised, but this
is getting away from the point.

After being restrained by his team mates Dexter (if that was his name) would
be shown the red card by the ref, but spookily, no suspension would follow
and 'The Hard Man' would be free to continue his exploits in the next
edition of 'Roy of the Rovers'.

So I say: Cantona? "Pah!" (as the Hard Man's small fat manager would
frequently exclaim) What's all the fuss about?