European Leagues & Kick-Ins

European Leagues & Kick-Ins

Post by vormelk » Wed, 13 Jul 1994 05:55:58

>Someone asked about a comment from one of the weekend's
>match commentators regarding some European Leagues using
>Kick-Ins instead of Throw-Ins next season. This from Reuters:

>    DALLAS, July 9 (Reuter) - Three European leagues will experiment with
>kick-ins instead of throw-ins next season, FIFA general secretary Sepp
>Blatter said on Saturday.
>    Blatter said the Belgian and Hungarian second divisions and an English
>semi-professional league would test the kick-ins and said he expected the
>change to be written into the laws of the game within two years.
>    ``I am sure that in two years the kick-in will replace the throw-in in
>the laws of the game and then we will have an even faster game than we have
>now,'' Blatter said in an interview with Australia's SBS TV network.
>    The kick-in, used in soccer in the 1860s and 1870s, was replaced by the
>throw-in in 1882.
>    Blatter also said that sudden-death goals would be introduced at the
>next World Cup finals with the first team scoring in extra time taking


I think it's becoming apparent who is really in charge of FIFA.

This is VERY interesting.  If that were the case at this cup, Romania would be
in instead of Sweden.  And that's the only change.

Question:  will the players play more conservatively with this rule?  or will
they attack more?

Will this rule be put into effect at the European Cup?

And is the world ready for such changes?