Post by Jim He » Tue, 07 May 1996 04:00:00

Just announced is the "Official NCCA Homepage" on the World
Wide Web (WWW).                                            

After months of preliminary work, design  and development  
the NCAA has finally reached ***space.  The NCAA homepage
was released on April 29th from their headquarters in      
Overland Park, Kansas.                                      

It is expected that most of the usage will come from the    
NCAA members themselves, but all those from "outside" are  
welcome to visit it also.  This feature plus the NCAA      
Hotline that I posted a couple weeks ago, is a tremendous  
tool to those seeking information on athletic recruiting    
and NCAA publications.                                      

The plans are in the beginning the NCAA Homepage will      
contain general information about the NCAA and it's        
operation.  Also available will be an on-line version of    
the NCAA News... a weekly publication containing stories,  
columns and a lot of good information dealing with          
legislation etc.  The hard-copy version of this paper like  
publication is where I get most of my information from and  
stay current on recent changes or current rules.            

Also to be included on the NCAA Hompage are topics on the  
NCAA Sports Library, Staff Directory for E-mail, and the    
Guide for the College Bound Student-athlete.                

There are still "under construction" areas but hopeful    
soon will be working.  There is also a like to all the      
individual college homepages, which will allow you to visit
the campus from the comforts of your own home.  Many of    
these sites include pictures of the campus, maps, courses  
of study, etc.                                              

There will also be a Champion site which will include      
championship playoff schedules, dates and times.  There is  
also a statistics page that will offer information of most  
of the NCAA sports.                                        

I started looking for such a page a year ago, but was yet  
to be developed.  I was very happy to see the release      
announcement in today's issue of the NCAA News.  I feel    
that this is a great step on part of the NCAA and I hope    
that high school athletes and their parents get a lot of    
usage from this opportunity.                                

The address of the NCAA's Homepage is:

Please stop by for a visit .... let them know what you      
think about it and again I'd also be very interested in    
your comments about it.