Liverpool/Liverpool Reserves/Tranmere Rovers/Everton

Liverpool/Liverpool Reserves/Tranmere Rovers/Everton

Post by John Pigg » Sat, 08 Feb 1992 01:49:35


>>Since nobody else has pointed out the deliberate mistake;
>>Tranmere Rovers play at Prenton Park, Prenton being
>>a suburb of BIRKENHEAD which is a somewhat delapidated town
>>situated across the Mersey from Liverpool.
>>Although a shadow of its former self
>(Did you know that New York's central park was modelled on Birkenhead park!!),
>>Birkenhead still has its own town hall and is thus separte from

>...and this, of course, brings out the problem with such queries -
>different people have different ideas about what constitutes the "same"
>place. I've seen Leeds and Bradford lumped together as a "metropolitan
>area" in some tables which would add West Yorkshire to the list, but I
>imagine people from Bradford and Leeds see it very differently. How
>close are they compared to the distance between, say, Barnet and
>Crystal Palace? That's another one - technically, are Barnet in London?

 But Bradford and Leeds are two separate cities are they not ? No
 matter how close they are.

>I know that large chunks of Barnet are in Herts. and were never part
>of Middx, or, I suspect the GLC. In Tranmere's case it's certainly
>become fashionable to lump them in with Liverpool and Everton as
>"Merseyside" clubs. The West Midlands introduce more delineation

 What do you mean by saying it has become fashionable? There is no doubt
 that Tranmere is in Merseyside, always has been. So Tranmere are a Mersey-
 side club. They are not however in Liverpool.

 As a side issue did you know that a lot of Tranmere's supporters are also
 Liverpool/Everton supporters. Tranmere play there home games on Friday nights
 which enables supporters to go to their's and Liverpool/Everton's home games
 in the same weekend.

 Can someone post the full round up of last night's (Wed 5th) FA cup results?