World Cup Qualifier Fixtures

World Cup Qualifier Fixtures

Post by Harinderpal Sin » Sun, 08 Nov 1992 14:08:42

Here are the fixtures of the games scheduled for the next few days:

08 Nov  Concacaf Grp A          St Vincent  -  Mexico
08 Nov  Concacaf Grp A          Costa Rica  -  Honduras
08 Nov  Concacaf Grp B              Canada  -  El Salvador
08 Nov  Concacaf Grp B             Jamaica  -  Bermuda

11 Nov  Europe Group 3             Albania  -  Latvia
11 Nov  Europe Group 5              Greece  -  Hungary
11 Nov  Europe Group 6              Israel  -  Sweden

14 Nov  Europe Group 4             Romania  -  Czechoslovakia
14 Nov  Europe Group 6              France  -  Finland

15 Nov  Concacaf Grp A              Mexico  -  Honduras
15 Nov  Concacaf Grp A          St Vincent  -  Costa Rica
15 Nov  Concacaf Grp B              Canada  -  Bermuda

I'll post the rest of the November fixtures after these matches have been
played...I'll be back now and then with the results. Till then,


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