NAS Re: BURN Burn 3 Seattle 2

NAS Re: BURN Burn 3 Seattle 2

Post by ERic Vormelk » Wed, 18 Sep 1996 04:00:00

>> Worth mentioning:

>> Dallas Burn Defender Tom Soehn #6 played the last few minutes of the game
>> (the first time on the field since his injury and surgery early in the
>> season) as did Dallas Burn GoalKeeper Jeff Cassar #00 (only his second
>> opportunity to play - Dodd just keeps saving and playing.)

>> Some of the younger Burn players who haven't had an opportunity to play
>> much this season got to start - Jorge Flores # 5, Brandon Pollard # 26,
>> and coming later in the game Jimmy Glenn #19.

>So how did they look?

It was funny as all get out to see Eck look talented!


I can see now why he was drafted first.  He's clearly above 2nd division level.

Problem is, he doesn't seem to be able to step up to being 1st division
level, at least, not as a striker.  He's good as a 'stopper' (to misuse a
soccer term.  I'm meaning it in the baseball sense) -- someone to sub in
when the game is in hand to keep it that way.

>I really want to know about Soehn because he is one of the pure defenders
>that the Burn drafted, and I constantly wonder how it would have affected
>the team if he had played this year.  Reason: most of the teams outside

REALLY hard to tell.  We (the Inferno) had Hahnemann in front of us for the
second half, so Soehn was WAY at the other end.

When he and Cassar were subbed in, the Sounders smelled ***, and went for
the kill.

With an effectively untried defense, Dallas almost succumbed, but Cassar
made some spectacular saves, and there were a couple times that I thought
we'd blown it.

So I guess Soehn must've done something right.


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