Freak Show Francis (Prev: Is Wilko nuts ?)

Freak Show Francis (Prev: Is Wilko nuts ?)

Post by Mik Steve » Sun, 21 Mar 1993 01:42:07

|> >Wilko is selling Scott Sellars to Newcastle for about 650,000
|> >
|> >He bought him for 750,000 six months ago.
|> >
|> >What the hell is he doing ??
|> >
|> > Dylan Kerr.
|> He has rightly got rid of a mid-field player he did not need. In order to buy a right
|> back that he needed a year ago.
|> Kerslake has been the best right back in that division for a long time.  He has looked impressive every time I've seen him play.  Swindon's sweeper system gave him plenty
|> of freedom to go forward which he did very impressively.  He is 26 compared to Sterland
|> at 31.  I think Sterland will struggle to win his place back IF he ever gets fit again.
|> Just needs a centre-back and a Centre Forward now. (Richard Jobson and Brian Deane would do)

I heard that `Mad Wilko' was after Stockports Kevin `Freaky' Francis for the alledged
staggering sum of 2,000,000.  If this is true,  then Wilko (mentler) is going crazzzzzyyyy.

Somebody, somewhere tell me that Wilko is not paying that amount of money for the lumbering
mutant.  Against a decent defence (of which there are little in the 2nd Div) he'll score
every game, but he is fundamentally a ***footballer.  He only does so well because of
his deformed gene structure.  The guy belongs in Jim Roses Circus Side Show.  

No ball control, no vision or idea of offside or running into space.  He just lumbers into
the pen area, with his hands dragging on the ground making him slower, and hopes the ball
is delivered well enough to hit his head.  If it goes lose around the six yards box his
mis-shapen legs try and bludgeon the ball, and any players around, into the net.

This type of player make the long ball game thrive, it reduces the real football skill
seen on the pitch and turns into some sort of `Basketball physical mutations contest'.

Wilko.......don't go CRAZY.