Tickets are here!

Tickets are here!

Post by Paul M. Cra » Sat, 04 Jun 1994 14:16:05

World Cup '94 tickets are here!

My ticket arrived this evening.  I had ordered a Category I ticket to
Stanford Stadium nearly a year and a half ago. jThe ticket arrived
this evening.

In an envelope from Federal Express were the five tickets, attached to one
another.  Each ticket has the number printed on it (Games 9, 19, 26,
31, and 42 at Stanford).  The tickets are on heavy paper stock with
red, orange, blue, green, and purple colors, with a laser graphic of the
USSoccer emblem on it.  Also, each ticket has the teams (except the Round 2
game), the ticket price, and MY NAME printed on it.  

   Also enclosed were advertising brochures from the US Mint for the
Commerative Coins, from USSoccer for "collectables" (call 800-827-2270), and
a large brochure showing the seating arrangement and directions to each of the

   The enclosed envelope has some of the rules printed on it.  It gives such
sage advice as 1)  Arrive early,  2)  Opening game ceremonies will begin
45 minutes prior to first game in each venue, 3)  Prohibited items:  bottles,
cans, coolers, thermos, ***ic beverages, containers, picnic baskets,
strollers, certain banners, signs, poles, weapons, video cameras, motion
picture cameras, recorders, balls, frisbees, fireworks, ***, umbrellas,
flares, and smoke bombs, etc.
4)  Everyone must have a ticket, no readmittance, and 5)  Lost/misplaced
tickets will not be replaced.

   All the rules are a bummer, but I'm sure will stir a lot of internet

   See you at Stanford (Iwith 86,000 others)!
Paul M Craig