Ticket prices [was Re: World Cup Tickets ...]

Ticket prices [was Re: World Cup Tickets ...]

Post by Hooshyar Narag » Sat, 22 Jan 1994 11:16:28


>I got my Visa statement yesterday. $170 had been paid to World Cup USA,
>December 22nd I believe.
>I called them this morning to find out which game. I had asked for one
>quarter-,one semi-, and the final. I think medium categories.
>This woman was really irritated and told me to wait until February 15th
>for the all revealing paperwork. Apparently you were supposed to copy your
>application form before sending it in, but nobody of course did

Well, apparently I was not one the nobodies!  I made a copy of my
application before I sent it in.  I will get it when I go home tonight
and will post the price categories since I see there is a lot of request
here at rss.  Oh, what did I get?  Just two simple 1/4 final tickets at

>Does somebody know what $170 buys you?

You will know tomorrow.

>I'm dying to know. It's probably the quarter I guess,

Unlikely.  My first category 1/4 final was $145.  Heck you might have
gotten one of the lower seats in semi or even the final!

>For example, you asked for quarter, semi, and final, and you got the semi?

Well, I asked for all the above, and I got 1/4 final.  I am sure in their
random program there must have been some filter built in to prevent an
applicant from getting all his/her choices.


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