Man Utd win FA Cup

Man Utd win FA Cup

Post by alph » Tue, 14 May 1996 04:00:00

Not the best of games but lets face it, had Feguson put Scholes on from the
biginning, I reckon he would've got at leat one of Coles opportunities on
Either way, we won, & King Eric once again did the job.

There's only one Eric Cantona & he's a Manchester United player!

Liverpool played ***foot football, look at Barnes with he's pathetic white
boots (was he surrendering so early), lord he hardly went forward. The
passed across & backwards and showed little  of the penetration we know thay
have. I was dissapointed with Liverpools general play - I don't think they
went for it enough.
United also never really played to their potential, though overall I think
they played the more positive football.  Liverpools tactics against United
this season worked well, so why they did'nt do it again I really don't know.
Gone was the attacking & hustling seen in league games! They played into
Uniteds arms.(Kinda reminded me of the Hagler vs Lennard fight.)

Still United defended well and in the end I think they deserved the Cup.
Only Cantona could've put that ball away, 99% of players would've skied it
or hit a defender. He really is a Championship/Cup winner (let alone a match-