hands off Fergie ya bastards

hands off Fergie ya bastards

Post by J.M.Ro » Tue, 26 Jan 1993 22:36:19


>Latest on the Ferguson crisis.
>David Murray tonight confirmed that Rangers tabled a bid of 2.5 million
>for Ferguson but McLean says no bids have been received and if they were,
>he confirmed that he will NOT sell Ferguson to any Club especially Rangers.

The suggestion that Jim McLean might have been a little economical with the
truth over this incident seems to have blinded you to all reason. I'll leave
to others to comment on the bulk of your predictable anti-Rangers ranting, I
just have a couple of points to make.

>The "Loyal" Rangers following(who pissed off between 1980 and 1986 but
>came back following Sounesss' first championship) may see nothing wrong
>in trying to 'strengthen their team', but they should think twice before
>passing a comment on this article because I have plenty to say on the issue
>and I have facts on my side, what do they have? Bare-faced lies thats'

Of course, the Arabs are renowned for their loyalty aren't they, 11000 average
attendance during your one Championship season, a typical gate now is more
like 6-7 thousand. In case you hadn't noticed all clubs' attendances rise when
they are doing well and drop when they aren't.

>Where were the loyal Rangers support during the lean years of the early

Most of them were still at Ibrox, i.e. around 17500 of them on average
(sometimes a lot less against small teams, sometimes a lot more for big
teams) as compared to around 25000 in the 70s. Since attendances are now
around the 40000 mark, a figure last reached in the boom just after the war,
that means the 7500 lost pre-Souness have come back along with a further 15000
new fans (many of whom will not doubt disappear when the good times end).

>Did they support the team, players and manager?
>Did they give any of them time to field a settled side and bring success to
>their club?

Everyone wants instant success, witness the bleating of the Liverpool fans.
For the record, Greig had five years to sort things out, about two years longer
than he should have had in my opinion. Wallace got his marching orders after 3
years of his second spell, again he had plenty of time to build a decent side.

>I do give credit that there are some Gers' fanz who are sociable and
>support the club and team as it should be but there are a hell of a lot of
>glory hunting, bigotted, fat hooligans who find it funny to***in
>peoples' closes and gardens, and find it amuzing to spit on the ball boys
>at other grounds during the game. These people demand at all costs that
>Rangers should win every game, these people should not EXPECT to get their
>own way at every game, these people demand the best but they have no right
>to encourage their club to persue players which the other club obviously
>aren't wanting to sell.

At last, a bit of reason. I have to agreed with most of what you say here,
although you neglected to point out that any big club attracts these sort of
unsavoury "fans". On question though, obviously United want to hold
onto to Ferguson, and can afford not to sell him, what does the player want?

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