Liverpool - New Castle

Liverpool - New Castle

Post by Kasemsan Panichaka » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Result from Anfield:

liverpool         4-3    NewCastle
fowler 2',55'            ferdinand 10'
collymore 68',91'        ginola    14'
                         aspriya   57'.

Very exciting game. Liverpool played very well,
especially, McManaman in 2nd Half.



Liverpool - New Castle

Post by George Hu » Fri, 05 Apr 1996 04:00:00

>Result from Anfield:
>liverpool         4-3    NewCastle
>fowler 2',55'            ferdinand 10'
>collymore 68',91'        ginola    14'

                       aspriya   57'.

>Very exciting game. Liverpool played very well,
>especially, McManaman in 2nd Half.

This is a very exciting game indeed, I do agree. But what I most appreciate is neither
Fowler , Collymore nor Steve. He is Jason Mcateer. The right winger or back.
The jo done by him was excellent. marking Gin and probviding so much space for Steve. Without
him, I 'm sure Steve would not have a easy day. Victory would also be newcastle's.
He has the kind of flair ,speed, and skill like Kanchelskis. with the addition of
good defence instinct. I'm sure it is future star of Enland/Ireland. I don't know his nationality
But indeed this guy is really great!!!!!