"Antwerp"(Belgium) - "Spartak"(Moscow) - 3:1...

"Antwerp"(Belgium) - "Spartak"(Moscow) - 3:1...

Post by Dmitriy Zyko » Sat, 24 Apr 1993 06:54:37

23 april 1993
2nd match of EC2 1/2 final

"Antwerp" (Belgium) - "Spartak" (Moscow) - 3:1 (1:1)

 Chernyatinsky - 38'        Radchenko - 8'
     ???       - 66'
     ???       - 78' (penalty)

  Yes, our hearts is broken, but sport is sport...
  I can't say what Antwerp was better then Spartak. After 1st goal what
Radchenko score quickly, Spartak tries to play in quiet football, but
finally activity of Antwerp helped them win. First trouble for Spartak
was on 43 min, when russian coach makes two substitution simultaneously -
after hard collisions Popov and Radchenko left the game. They both is
1/2 of attack potential (for this staff) In 1st and 2nd halfes both clubs
had equal chances to score.
  I can't comment fatal incident on 78 min. It was strange situation.
Ball was passed through field to Antwerp's goal direction. On TV we see
penalty area of Antwerp. Referee from Portugal see to this direction.
Suddenly I hear noise of crowd, referee see back, stopped game and run to
Spartak's area. After little talk with 2nd referee (on line), main referee
simultaneously give red card to Onopko and give penalty!!!
I can say what it was surprise for Antwerp's players also - they don't pro-
tested when this f****n referee stopped match.

Does anybody was on this match in Antwerp? TV can't help to analyse this
incident - other half of field was showed...

I can't understand it - when referee can't see that episode - how he can
make such responsible decision? He see nothing and give red card and pe-
It was catastrophe for Spartak. And now Europe can say good-bye to today's
Spartak. After some mounth 99% (I think) of today's staff go away from Rus-
sia. It was good team. And we'll waiting for new Spartak... It's very sad...

Good Luck and Peace

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