Post by Patrick Simps » Sat, 25 Jun 1994 02:55:03

> For the most part they are people who don't mind paying extra as they did
> not have to wait on the phone, send money in advance, not know who was
> gonna play, nor know where the tix would be.  So they pay for what they got.

        And if you parasites hadn't bought all the tickets under this
crazy scheme and decided to ransom the fans who actually wanted to see the
game, they could have got their tickets from the WC organisers at face value.

> Quite frankly I expect to make a lot more money and you know what i cheer
> for is the right combination teams to win tie and lose so I get a super
> matchup in Boston for the Second Round and QF.  
> I don't twist anyones arm.  If you have tix good for you.  For others
> they can buy from me or not.  For you to get in the middle is typical of
> juvenille behavior            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

        for US to get in the middle ? For US to get in the middle ! What
does a ***ing scalper do if it isn't to make a profit by coming between
the people who have set up the tournament and the fans who's interest
makes the whole thing worthwhile.
        You're right about one thing, arsehole - you don't twist anyone's
arm. On the other hand, they don't support the whole football industry
from youth, amateur, and professional ranks all the way up to
internationals, all the year round, year after year, just so you can sneak
in and rake off a percentage. Have you any idea how many committed
football supporters round the world cannot afford to see any World Cup
matches because
        (a) they didn't have the money to but 5 tickets for games whose
location and participants were a mystery ?
        (b) they can't afford your prices ?

> and when you get out of High School you will mature
> and come to realize how unimportant you views are.

        And when you realise that football depends for its existence on
commitment and co-operation between fans and administrators, you might
possibly have a revelation about the way you have decided to live. Right
now, you're camping with the parasites and the vultures.
        Thanks for letting us know what you think of our views : I
couldn't have asked for better proof of what a scumbag you are.

        Now *** off, Judas.

Patrick Simpson.