Help, I need somebody's help, not just anybody's help.

Help, I need somebody's help, not just anybody's help.

Post by Fabio Paim is the Messi » Mon, 20 Sep 2004 20:14:07

Good people of Rec.Sport.Boxing, your prodigal son needs help, your

Ever since I started emigrating to Rec.Sport.Soccer 2 years ago I ran
into a smidge (sounding awfully British these days?) of trouble,
namely the people over there like me, I mean they really like me, they
respect me, send me "Emiles" (that's "Soprano" lingo for "E-Mails")
claiming I'm funny, they want me to get rid of respected posters and
take over and so and so.

I'm not used to this, I treat these peons like I treated you, with
disdain and infantile posting, I provide hundreds of links to some of
my most despicable posts, from the racist, to sexist, to the poor
taste, to the downright fascist, there's a few "squares" over there in
the best style of Ulrich Mayring in people like "Jap guy" Ikegari
(He's no Tokyo Rose I tell ya) and some really***and vinegar types
in the Pappy Dellys mold like Roo and Rolleston.

I have taken action by forming my own committee in order to get me
over big time as a major heel, this committee is formed by Benny
(founder of the "RSS m***rectitude", " Young democratic
uncircumcised Catholics" and "7 sin society") who is an up and cumming
young JFK type by the look of things and Victria Barret (a young
Melanie Ley), respectively there 2 come off like a Bob Kennedy + Al
Sharpton + Oprah Winfrey *** milkshake, namely self righteous liars,
they've been great, branding me a racist, a sexist, Vicky has been
awesome even going as far as to claim that while Homophobic I'm also a
*** who lives in a pink house and play rugby in order to pass for a
real butch sorta guy.

I've offended everybody from Henry VIII to Jean of Ark yet Obelix and
Agincourt Hippies both worship me. The people like me, and I'm having
a really problem dealing with this love thingie. Things were all so
simple when I claimed Chris Bushnell performed *** on Gordoom or
posted Matt Tegen's home address or insulted *** mobsters and then
told them I lived at the Wissow Mansion in Margate as well as
questioning that Melanie Ley had any X chromosomes at all.

I'm really tired, and I need help, I tell these people I hate racial
minorities, I tell them I like the company of *** women, I tell
them that we need a dictator that makes all the fat kids to pushups, I
tell them that*** Clark is 17 years old (in 2 years time) yet they
keep adulating me.

I'm uncomfortable I need the old gang, Brian Davis, Tegen, Bushnell,
Nay Sayer, Skar (Luke, I am your father), Gerbasi (Eddie Van Hallen
rocks, dude), Steve (I shot Negros outside my daddy's "Kickie Mart" in
LA) and the rest of you to tell these people how despicable I really
am, I'm counting on ya guys.

P.S. That was some liver shot last night, ouch!!!

Andr (AKA Tom Bishop/Nelson Scott-Allen, Sir Richard***well, Sir
Isaac Youranus etc, etc, etc)