US TV: Holland-England evening rebroadcasts

US TV: Holland-England evening rebroadcasts

Post by Oliver T » Tue, 12 Oct 1993 22:33:41

This information is for those of us in the US who will
not be getting the Holland-England match LIVE on
a Prime Network affiliate because our cable operators
do not carry the affiliated regional cable sports network
on weekday afternoons.

I have compiled the following list of time and date of EVENING
rebroadcasts by Prime affiliates using satellite TV listings,
postings by other readers of r.s.s., and information provided to me
via e-mail.  Many Prime Network affiliates will
rebroadcast on October 13 but a few will rebraodcast
a few days later.

PLEASE check with you Prime affiliate to verify the
information here and post corrections on r.s.s if
any of these are incorrect.  Thank You.

Reminder:  Holland-England will be televised by Prime Network
and all its affiliates at 3pm EDT on October 13.

Tape-delayed rebroadcasts are all 2 hours long.

 EDT = Eastern Daylight Time GMT -4,
 EST = Eastern Standard Time (Indiana) GMT -5,
 CDT = Central Daylight Time GMT -5,
 MDT = Mountain Daylight Time GMT -6,
 MST = Mountain Standard Time (Arizona) GMT -7,
 PDT = Pacific Daylight Time GMT -7,
 HST = Hawaiian Standard Time GMT -10

Wednesday Oct 13:

 7:30 pm EDT              Home Team Sports (HTS),

 7:30 pm EDT/6:30 pm CDT  SportSouth

 9:00 pm EDT              New England Sports Network (NESN)

10:00 pm EDT              Prime Network (national feed on satellite)

10:00 pm EDT/
  9:00 pm CDT or EST      Prime Sports Network -- Midwest

10:00 pm EDT/9:00 pm CDT  Prime Sports Network -- Upper Midwest

10:00 pm EDT/8:30 pm MDT  Prime Sports Network -- Rocky Mountains

10:00 pm EDT              KBL Sports Network

10:00 pm EDT              Empire Sports Network

10:00 pm EDT/7:00 pm PDT  SportsChannel Pacific

11:30 pm EDT/8:30 pm PDT  Prime Sports Northwest

11:45 pm EDT              Madison Square Garden Network (MSG)

midnight EDT/11:00 pm CDT Home Sports Entertainment (HSE)

midnight EDT/11:00 pm CDT Sunshine Network

Friday October 15

 8:00 pm EDT             Pro Am Sports System (PASS)

Saturday October 16

10:00 pm PDT or MST/7:00 pm HST   Prime Ticket

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