Score tied in WCCF

Score tied in WCCF

Post by Roberto Ric » Sun, 14 Jan 1990 04:25:27

What happens if the World Cup Championship Final ends with the score
tied (after the overtimes, I mean)?  The final will be repeated or
penalty kicks will be thrown?

I try to remember something from the past (and sorry for bad English).

I am pretty sure that in 1978 the rule was about the repetition of the
final.  In 1986, though, the final wouldn't have been repeated, but the
reason was strictly dependent by the earthquake which hit Mexico City
at the end of 1985.  The city was under rebuilding, and to let many
people stay in the city two days more could be a big problem (I didn't
understand why: if Mexico was good for 29 days, it would have been good
for other two days).

Strangely, as I am Italian and Italy played the final, I don't remember
anything about 1982 even if I think the final would have been repeated.

Does anyone know or remember better?