CISL Results & Attendances, Week 7

CISL Results & Attendances, Week 7

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Sixth week quick recap

     Tuesday, July 12th

     Wednesday, July 13th

     Friday, July 15th

     Saturday, July 16th

     Sunday, July 17th


************** CISL PLAYER OF THE WEEK, WEEK SIX ****************

     La Raza de Monterrey forward ZIZINHO.  He had 7 goals and 2


     Tuesday, July 19th

     [see separate post, [R] Anaheim VS Washington, 7/19/94]

Shots-    Anaheim 33, Washington 26
Fouls-    Washington 14, Anaheim 11
GK-       Was., Jim Brazeau L(2-6), 60:00-33 sh-14 sv-6 ga
          Ana., Jorge Valenzuela W(10-4), 60:00-26-15-3

     Wednesday, July 20th

     Erwin Asselman (1G, 3A) scored the game-winning goal on a
pass by Mark Lugris (1G, 1A) at 8:19 of the 10-minute sudden
death overtime . . . Jimmy McGeough of the Vipers led their
scoring onslaught with 2 goals and 3 assists . . . 9 different
Viper players scored, and their 10 goals is their season-high
(preiously only 6 goals) . . . Carolina snapped their 9 game-
losing streak . . . Vegas was led by Branko Segota (2G,3A) and
Roderick Scott (1G,2A) . . . Las Vegas took a season-high 52
shots, and Carolina Viper goalkeeper Yaro made an incredible 30
saves . . . Carolina had tied the game at 9 on John Garvey (who
was playing in his first CISL game after being signed last week)
goal with 1:18 remaining in the 4th quarter . . . each team
exploded for five goals in the second quarter after a 1-0 Vegas
lead after one quarter . . . the DustDevils blew a 8-5 4th
quarter lead . . . Carolina was averaging a league-low 3.7 goals
per game before tonight.

Shots-    Las Vegas 52, Carolina 35
Fouls-    Carolina 17, Las Vegas 9
GK-       Car., Yaro W(2-11), 68:19-52 sh-30 sv-9 ga
          L.V., Brett Phillips L(5-6), 68:16-35-14-10
               Mark Kerlin, 6th att., 0:03-0-0-0

     In one of the shortest games of the year (time- 1:53), the
Grizzlies, who played their first game without the departed
Preki, won handily, led by Albeto Cruz (1G,2A) and Bernie
Lilavois, Randy Prescott (also had 5 blocks), and Neathan Gibson
(1G,1A each) . . . 7 Grizzlies had one goal each . . . Portland's
Jeff Betts netted both goals for the Pride . . . Portland had a
power-play with 5:14 remaining in the game and trailing just 4-
2, but couldn't capitalize.

Shots-    Portland 30, San Jose 26
Fouls-    San Jose 12, Portland 7
GK-       Por., Jim Gorsek L(6-8), 57:12-26 sh-14 sv-5 ga
          S.J., Mark Lehnert W(6-6), 60:00-30-14-2

     Thursday, July 21st

     Drago (2G,2A) scored the game-winner on an assist from Terry
Rowe (2A) at 4:51 of overtime . . . recently acquired Kevin Legg
tied it on an assist from Steve Kinsey (2G,1A) on a 6th attacker
goal with 54 seconds left for Detroit . . . Pittsburgh was only 2
for 5 on the power-play.

Shots-    Pittsburgh 31, Detroit 27
GK-       Det., Curtis McAlister W(4-5), 63:57-31 sh-19 sv-5 ga
               Terry Rowe, 6th att., 0:54-0-0-0
          Pit., Doug Petras L(6-7), 64:51-27-14-6

     [see separate post, [R] Anaheim VS Arizona, 7/21/94]

Shots-    Anaheim 43, Arizona 30
Fouls-    Arizona 22, Anaheim 9
GK-       Arz., Wayne Seaber L(1-2), 60:00-43 sh-12 sv-10 ga
          Ana., Jorge Valenzuela W(11-4), 58:10-28-8-9
               Ralph Black, 6th att., 1:50-2-1-0

   Friday, July 22th

     Bob Harmon scored the game-winner 6:07 into overtime,
Detroit's fourth straight OT game . . . this was Detroit's third
stright home overtime game, winning only one of them . . .
Detroit is 2-0 VS Carolina, both in OT (the last game on the
shootout) . . . Drago (1G,3A) continued his tear for the neon . .
. Carolina was coming off a 10-9 win, lost their 12th game of the
season . . . the Vipers' were led by Bobby Dinunzio (1G,3A) . . .
Detroit led 3-0 at the half, before Carolina scored 3 in the
third quarter.

Shots-    Carolina 32, Detroit 30
GK-       Car., Yaro L(2-12), 66:07-30 sh-17 sv-6 ga
          Det., Curtis McAlister W(5-5), 66:07-32-16-5

     Dallas took the Maverick team jet , the personal of plane of
basketball's Dallas Mavericks, instead of a commercial airliner
to ensure they get out of hostile Monterrey as soon as possible
after the game . . . Sidekick back-up goalkeepers to Joe Papaleo,
with Hank Henry's 4th straight win, are 8-0 in the past two
seasons . . . Dallas pushed Monterrey to 2 1/2 games out of first
place . . . Dallas' roster was down to 13 for this game due to
injuries (Dev Reeves (back), John Hedlund (broken hand), and Alan
Prampin (knee)), passport problems (Moses Zialu), and Joe Papaleo
had to skip the trip because he is soon to give *** for his
daughter's upcoming surgery and couldn't risk to get a disease in
Mexico . . . David Doyle had 3 goals and an assist, including the
game-winner that broke a 9-9 tie in the fourth quarter . . . Tatu
had 3 goals and 3 assists and Giampualo Pedroso had 3 goals and 2
assists for the Sidekicks . . . Zizinho continued his scoring
streak with 3 goals and 2 assists, Genoni Martinez had 2 goals
and 2 assists, and Octavio Perez had a goal and 3 assists for La
Raza . . . Dallas takes the season series which helps in even the
two teams tie in the East.

Shots-    Monterrey 46, Dallas 30
GK-       Dal., Hank Henry W(4-0), 60:00-46 sh-23 sv-9 ga
          Mon., Raul Salas L(9-6), 60:00-30-11-12

     Las Vegas rallied from a 4-2 deficit after one quarter, lead
5-4 at halftime, before being held scoreless in the second half .
. . Denison Cabral (4G) scored the game-winner in the fourth
quarter . . . the Warthogs were also led by Goran "Scorin'"
Hunjak (3A), Joe Koziol (2A), and Eric McClellan (2G) . . . the
DustDevils were led by Roderick Scott (2G) and Dan Barber (2A).

Shots-    Washington (38), Las Vegas 38
GK-       Was., Jim Brazeau W(3-6), 60:00-38 sh-15 sv-5 ga
          L.V., Brett Phillips L(5-7), 59:39-37-25-6
               6th attacker, 0:21-(1)-(0)-1

     The Sockers jumped to a 6-1 halftime lead . . . Keder
(3G,2A), Toby Taitano (1G,2A), and David Banks (2A) led the
Socks' attack . . . Randy Prescott (1G,1A) was the only multiple-
point scorer for the Grizzlies . . . San Jose took only 12 shots
on goal and Sockers' goalie Antonio Cortes was forced to make ony
4 saves and the defense just 4 blocks.

Shots-    San Diego 30, San Jose 12
GK-       S.J., Mark Lehnert L(6-7), 60:00-30 sh-15 sv-9 ga
          S.D., Antonio Cortes W(9-3), 60:00-12-4-4

     Saturday, July 23th

     Pittsburgh rallied from a 4-3 halftime deficit to outscore
Portland 4-1 in the third quarter . . . Bobby Johnston (2G,GWG),
Chris Kelly (2A), and Kia, Bob Lilley, and Kenny Pryor (1G,1A
each) led the Stingers . . . Jeff Betts (2G), Jimmy Clarke
(1G,1A), Scott Gaither (2A), and Chris Scotti (2G) led the

Shots-    Portland 17, Pittsburgh (15)  
GK-       Por., Jim Gorsek L(6-9), 57:33-15 sh-7 sv-7 ga
               6th attacker, 2:27-(0)-(0)-0
          Pit., Doug Petras W(7-7), 60:00-17-9-5

     David Doyle had a goal and 6 assists, his 2nd 5+-assist game
of the season, including a 135-foot goal near the end of the
game, as Dallas improved to 9-0 at home . . . Houston's tandem of
Shannon and Matt Presley played together for the first time ever
at the end of the game . . . this was Houston's first game since
7/10 . . . former Sidekick-now Houston goalkeeper Shawn Ray is 0-
2 against Dallas . . . Sidekick star Tatu, whose mother died, was
in Brazil to attend her funeral . . . this game was televised on
PRiME, the first of 7 regular season game-of-the-week games . . .
Mike Powers (2G,1A) and Nick Stavrou (3G), led the Sidekicks . .
. Nebo Bandovic (1G,1A) and recently signed Diego Castro (1G),
brother of Anaheim's Rod Castro, scored for the Hotshots . . .
after Houston scored to pull within 4-2, Dallas scored the next 5
goals . . . 6th attacker David Deverteuil made some acrobatic
attempts to stop Dallas, to no avail.

Shots-    Houston 36, Dallas (34)  
GK-       Hou., Shawn Ray L(3-6), 58:29-33 sh-14 sv-8 ga
               David Deverteuil, 6th att., 1:31-(1)-(0)-1
          Dal., Joe Papaleo W(8-2), 60:00-36-16-2

     Sacramento broke a 5-5 tie with a goal with 44 seconds
remaining . . . Mark Thomas had a goal and 2 assists and Shawn
Blakeman and Paul Hansen had a goal and an assist each for the
Knights . . . Franklin McIntosh (1G,2A) and Bill Becher and Paul
Lee had a goal and an assist each for the Sandsharks.

Shots-    Saramento (36), Arizona 32
GK-       Arz., Wayne Seaber L(1-3), 59:16-36 sh-15 sv-6 ga
               6th attacker, 0:44-(0)-(0)-0
          Sac., Mike Dowler W(9-5), 60:00-32-9-5

   Sunday, July 24th

     Denison Cabral (3G), Eric McClellan (1G,3A), and Dante
Washington (1G,2A) had good nights to support Goran "Scorin'"
Hunjak's great night of 6 goals for the Warthogs . . . the
Vipers' John Ngando (2G), John Garvey (2G), and Bobby Dinunzio
(2A) led the scoring . . . the Vipers trailed 10-5 after three
quarter and replaced goalkeeper Yaro.

Shots-    Washington (43), Carolina 36
GK-       Car., Yaro L(2-13), 45:00-41 sh-16 sv-10 ga
               GK/6th attacker, 15:00-(2)-(0)-2
          Was., Jim Brazeau W(4-6), 60:00-36-20-5

     Detroit's fifth straight overtime game, and fourth in a row
on the road . . . Rusty Troy (2G,1A) scored the game-winner 7:39
into overtime . . . Mark Kerlin (2G), Doug Borgel (2G,1A),
Roderick Scott (2A), and Branko Segota (2A) led the DustDevils'
attack . . . Detroit got scoring from Drago (4G,1A) and Steve
Kinsey (2A) . . . Detroit trailed 6-5 at halftime and led 7-6
after the third quarter . . . Las Vegas tied it on a 6th attacker

Shots-    Detroit (32), Las Vegas 28
GK-       L.V., Brett Phillips W(6-7), 65:58-32 sh-19 sv-7 ga
               6th attacker, 1:41-(0)-(0)-0
          Det., Curtis McAlister L(5-6), 67:39-28-10-8

Shots-    San Diego 29, Anaheim 27
Fouls-    San Diego 21, Anaheim 11
GK-       Ana., Jorge Valenzuela L(11-5), 57:17-26 sh-13 sv-8 ga
               Ralph Black, 6th att., 2:43-1-0-1
          S.D., Antonio Cortes W(10-3), 60:00-29-12-6

     Mirko Castillo (2G,1A) and Willie Molano (2G), who scored
the game-winner in the third quarter to break a 3-3 tie, led the
Hotshots' attack . . . Bruce Broughton, Paul Lester, and Bernie
Lilavois all scored for the Grizzlies.

Shots-    Houston (26), San Jose 26
GK-       Hou., Fredy Sanguinetti W(2-2), 60:00-26 sw-14 sv-3 ga
          S.J., Mark Lehnert L(6-8), 58:10-26-9-4
               6th attacker, 1:50-(0)-(0)-0

************** CISL PLAYER OF THE WEEK, WEEK SEVEN **************

     San Diego Sockers' forward JOHN OLU MOLOMO.  He had 6 goals
and one assist in two games.  He had 5 goals and an assist VS
first-place Anaheim on Sunday, and helped the Sockers move ahead
of Anaheim for first place.



     I will try to post these summaries and results on the
Thursday or Friday following the week, as since all the info is
brought up mostly from scratch, it takes a while to research and
type it all up.  If I have no information at the time for a
particular game, I will post nonetheless what I have.  However,
although eventually I will get the info (hopefully!), I will not
post them (update them) here.  If you e-mail me and ask for stats
for a game, I will be happy to e-mail you personally what I know.
Most of my info comes from the Splash offices and Eric Templin,
PR rep for the Splash, the CISL and individual team news
releases, word-of-mouth from netters like you (please feel free
to e-mail me your game/team reports!), and newspaper accounts.
Most of the stats come from official box scores by the teams, but
even those have some errors in them (especially those expansion
teams at home!).  Also, I may have mistyped something in my rush
to get this information out.  Sorry!  

     I currently have the official game scoresheets from Games 1-
81, 83, and 85-87, 89, and 99 which includes each player's stats
for that game (G, A, PTS, SH, F, PIM, BLK), all the
scoring/penalties/fouls, time of game, referees, etc...  so there
is a lot more information that is not posted, but I would be
willing to e-mail specific information from any game to
individual requests.

Scott M Tamashiro