Man Utd vs Liverpool

Man Utd vs Liverpool

Post by R MOO » Tue, 20 Sep 1994 17:12:39

Hohohohohohoho, chortle, chortle. Lucky ??? Undeserving ??? Travesty of a
result ??? Well, who cares, we sent a lot of scousers home unhappy. Gave them
something to complain about for the next year or two till they win something

Cuntona  should have been sent off..... yeah and Ruddock too.

Could have been ten nil to the pool at half time..... yeah but near misses
don't count and if Scales hadn't have arsed up, then it might have been

Utd 2 (Kanchelskis, McClair) Liverpool 0 for any who have yet to catch up.

And didn't Babb fit in well :)