MLS-ESC Supporters Club Tix on Sale!!!

MLS-ESC Supporters Club Tix on Sale!!!

Post by Kevin Mcallist » Thu, 26 Oct 1995 04:00:00


     Empire S.C.(MetroStars) season ticket sales to its Founders
Club members began today and volume has been heavier than
expected (the Founders Club consists of the original MLS NY/NJ
supporters who mailed in a $75.00 deposit in 1994 to guarantee
MLS seats).  Apparently, the supporters club seats have been very
popular and the first 4-5 rows of section 135 will be sold by the
end of this week.
     Because sales volume has been heavy and many members of the
supporters club were not included in the Founders Club mailing,
the club has agreed to set up a special evening telephone line
for supporters club members to order their season tickets immediately
using a credit card.  Supporters club members should also feel
free to use this telephone line to request ticket brochures(for orders
check) and to express their thanks to the club for providing a seperate
supporters club section.  It is most important that supporters
club members order their season tickets as early as possible in
order to guarantee that our members get seats in the lower rows
of section 135.  

     ***Please take advantage of this opportunity to contact the
club and let them know that we are serious about the supporters

     Contact the Empire S.C.(MetroStars) ticket office at
(201)-531-2854 after 7:00PM ET on thursday October 26th and
friday October 27th to buy your tix for section 135 (or to
request ticket mailings).  Tickets for the Supporters Club section
are priced at $9.00 per match (20 matches total).  Make sure to
identify yourself as a member of the supporters club.

     If this arrangement will continue next week, I will post the
as soon as I hear from the club.  If, for whatever reason, you
cannot contact the club on thursday or friday night, e-mail your
mailing address to me and I will make sure that the club sends
the ticket info to you right away.

Kevin McAllister
Empire S.C./MetroStars Supporters Club