The asterisk in Milan's 11 game win streak - was Juventus-Milan this Sunday

The asterisk in Milan's 11 game win streak - was Juventus-Milan this Sunday

Post by Loris Magna » Sun, 06 Mar 1994 08:35:30

>: The Italian League has reached a critical juncture:
>: On Sunday, AC Milan will visit Turin to play Juventus.
> ... current standings deleted ...
>: 1989-90  Juventus-Milan   3-0      A true disaster for the rossoneri which
>: ended their 11-game winning streak (there is an asterisk here which I'll
>: go into only if someone asks). Milan had regained the lead in Serie A after
>What is that asterisk for ?
>Tks Paolo Cesana

OK, OK... here goes:
If you look at a listing of Milan's games for 1989-90  IN ORDER (i.e.,
1 through 34), you will see that Milan won all the games from
game #17 (vs. Bari) to game #27 against Ascoli...That's 11 games in
a row and would be the all-time Serie A record...
However, if you look at the DATES of the games, you will see that
game #16 against Verona, was actually played on February 8th...
i.e., in midweek between games #23 and #24...

The reason for this seemingly aberrant behavior is that, that year,
Milan played the Intecontinental Cup in Tokyo on the Sunday when they
were supposed to play Verona and so that game had to be rescheduled...
which it was for February 8th...

So although in sequence of games SCHEDULED Milan had 11 straight wins,
chronologically, the skein was broken between games 23 and 24...

Hence the asterisk...


P.S. - if this 11 game streak seems tainted to you, then the
Serie A record is 10 games in a row by Juventus in 1931/32 and
matched by Bologna in 1963/64...