So how long of a suspension or how big of a fine...

So how long of a suspension or how big of a fine...

Post by Antonio Verano » Wed, 08 Feb 2012 09:06:46

...will Ferguson get?

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson criticised assistant referee
Darren Cann after the 3-3 draw with Chelsea.

Ferguson claimed Cann missed a foul by Chelsea debutant Gary Cahill on
Danny Welbeck and is happy to award penalties against United but not for

"They should have had a man sent off in the first half," said Ferguson.

"That linesman [gave] a penalty against us from 40 yards away last year
against Liverpool - and he can't see that?"
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Ferguson accepted that Cahill's challenge on Welbeck in the 10th minute
was outside the penalty area, but thought the Blues centre-back should
have been dismissed for denying his striker a goalscoring opportunity.
He said: "I don't blame [referee] Howard Webb. He needed help in that
situation and he didn't get it.

"That assistant referee, who's all too happy to flag at Old Trafford for
penalty kicks, didn't give them."

He's bringing the league into disrepute again, suggesting that a
linesman has an agenda against his team.  4-match ban?  100K fine?

(The answer, of course, is that the League will chicken out yet again.)

"Look at the way teams play against Arsenal.  They don't believe they
can win.  They don't believe." -- Jose Mourinho