World Cup Winners Cup

World Cup Winners Cup

Post by Eye on Andromed » Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Why the hell don't they have a World Cup Winners Cup?? Held every 4 years
BETWEEN World Cups...such as 2000, 2004...

I went thru the stats page, and saw probably the ONLY
World Cup Winners Cup - Mundialito (little World Cup) in Uruguay 1980
which involved 5 out of 6 World Cup winners (England wasn't there, Holland
replaced them) now they should have another one...

Group A: 4 time winners, 1 time winners and Wild Card (best team in soccer
history traditionally NOT to have won the world cup)

Group B: 3 time winners, 2 time winners

I believe that the 7 most deserving teams in soccer history (in terms of
their class THROUGHOUT soccer history) are the ones who have won the world
cup - which is ideal and is true poetic justice.  Now the wild card winner
should be the best team not to have won the world cup - Netherlands or
Yugoslavia or Sweden or Czechoslovakia or Spain.

so, we get:

Group A         Group B
-------         -------
Brazil          Germany
France          Italy
England         Argentina
Netherlands     Uruguay

and my guess would be that the following would be the results:

Fra bt Bra      Ita bt Ger
Eng bt Neth     Arg bt Uru
Fra bt Eng      Ger bt Uru
Bra dr Neth     Arg bt Ita
Fra bt Neth     Ita bt Uru
Bra bt Eng      Arg dr Ger

        P       W       L       D
Fra     3       3       -       -
Bra     3       1       1       1
Eng     3       1       2       -
Neth    3       -       2       1

Arg     3       2       -       1
Ita     3       2       1       -
Ger     3       1       1       1
Uru     3       -       3       -

Semis:  Fra bt Ita
        Arg bt Bra

3rd:    Bra bt Ita
Final:  Arg bt Fra (if outside Europe)
        Fra bt Arg (if in Europe)

This is based on the CURRENT forms and power of the teams.  As you can
see, I think Brazil is powerful , but not as powerful as many of the
often senseless and braindead fans think they are.  They have a world
class attack, but their defense is SOOOO bad that they are shit compared
to France and Argentina.