CISL Results, Week 4

CISL Results, Week 4

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Third week quick recap

     Wednesday, June 22

     Friday, June 24

     Saturday, June 25

     Sunday, June 26

*************** CISL PLAYER OF THE WEEK, WEEK THREE *************

     San Jose Grizzlies' forward PREKI.  Preki had 5 goals and 2
assists in 2 Grizzlies' games.  He had a hat trick in his first
game ever in the CISL VS Portland and 2 goals and 2 assists in
the loss VS Las Vegas.



     Tuesday, June 28

     The Stingers' Kia netted 3 goals while teammate Mikail
Izotov got two goals and an assist . . . Sacramento's Jon Parry
(1G,2A) and Mark Thomas (2G,1A) led the Knights' to victory . . .
Pittsburgh has now lost three in a row.

Shots-    Pittsburgh (24)?, Sacramento 17
GK-       Sac., Mike Dowler W(3-3), 60:00-23 sh-11 sv-6 ga
          Pit., Doug Petras L(2-4), 55:39-17-8-8
               6th attacker, 4:21-(1)?-(0)?-1

     Wednesday, June 29

     The Socks' have won 4 in a row . . . 6 different Sockers
scored while Keder added 2 assists . . . Jimmy Clarke had 2
assists for the Pride.

Shots-    San Diego (33)?, Portland 30
GK-       S.D., Antonio Cortez W(5-2), 60:00-30 sh-18 sv-3 ga
          Por., Jim Gorsek L(3-4), 57:58-32-16-5
               6th attacker, 2:02-(1)?-(0)?-1

     Thursday, June 30

     Drago of Detroit recorded 6 assists, 2nd best ever in the

goal for a total of 7 points and teammate Steve Kinsey had 4
goals (two on the power-play) and an assist . . . Nebo Bandovic
(2G,2A) and Mirko Catillo (1 PPG,3A) tried to lead Houston over a
5-1 deficit at the half.  

Shots-    Houston 37, Detroit (24)?
GK-       Hou., Shawn Ray L(1-4), 59:49-24 sh-11 sv-10 ga
               Ziad Allan, 6th att., 0:11-(0)-(0)-0
          Det., Curtis McAlister W(2-0), 60:00-37-23-5

     Friday, July 1

     Mark Thomas knocked in the game-winner 2:22 into overtime .
. . he also added three assists . . . Gerell Elliot had 2 goals
and an assist for the Knights', who won their second straight
game . . . the Warthogs were led by Erick Eichmann (2A), Goran
"Scorin'" Hunjak (2G, 1A), and Denison Cabral (2G).

Shots-    Sacramento 27, Washington 27
GK-       Sac., Mike Dowler W(4-3), 62:22-27 sh-14 sv- 5 ga
          Was., Jim Brazeau L(1-3), 62:22-27-18-6

     Mirko Castillo had 3 goals for the Hotshots . . . Gerard
Gregoire (2G,2A) and Bobby Dinunzio (2G,2A) led the Vipers

Shots-    Houston (30), Carolina 23
GK-       Hou., Shawn Ray W(2-4), 60:00-23 sh-15 sv-5 ga
          Car., Yaro L(1-4), 57:32-30-18-7
               6th attacker, 2:28-(1)-(0)-1

     Tatu and Doyle led the Sidekicks with 2 goals and 2 assists
each, with Tatu getting the game-winner . . . supplementing those
two were Curtis Partain (2G,1A), Alan Prampin (2G), Nick Stavrou
(2G), and Eric Dade (2A) . . . Portland's Jimmy Clarke (2G,2A)
and Joey Leonetti (2G) led the Pride . . . Dallas is still
unbeaten at 7-0 . . . in the past 2 seasons, backup Sidekick
goalkeepers to Joe Papaleo are 6-0 in the regular season (Shawn
Ray (now with Houston) was 4-0 last year in the regular season,
and now Hank Henry is 2-0).

Shots-    Dallas (35), Portland 33
GK-       Por., Jim Gorsek L(3-5), 56:15-34 sh-8 sv-9 ga
               6th attacker, 3:45-(1)-(0)-1
          Dal., Hank Henry W(2-0), 60:00-33-12-5

     After Monterrey jumped out to a 5-3 led after one quarter,
the Sandsharks tied it up at 7 at the half before La Raza wheeled
off five straight goals . . . 5 La Raza players had 2 goals each,
led by Octavio Perez (2G,2A) and Martin Hernandez (2G,2A) . . .
Marco Lopez added a goal and three assists for La Raza . . .
Arizona's Franklin McIntosh (2G,2A) and Terry Woodberry (2G) led
the 'Sharks.

Shots-    Monterrey (43), Arizona 31
GK-       Arz., Wayne Seaber L(1-1), 58:40-43-21-12
               6th attacker, 1:20-(0)-(0)-0
          Mon., Raul Salas W(4-4), 60:00-31-10-7

     Las Vegas rallied from a 6-3 deficit in the second quarter,
ran off 6 straight goals, including 5 in the third quarter, as
the DustDevils revenged their earlier loss to the Sockers in San
Diego, and gave coach Guy Newman his first win ever over his Dad
. . . Dan Barber (2G), Ben Erickson (1 GWG, 3A), and Gus
Castaneda (2G) led the DustDevil charge . . . the Socks' were led
by Keder's 2 goals and 2 assists.

Shots-    San Diego 34, Las Vegas (31)
GK-       S.D., Antonio Cortez L(6-3), 56:55- 31 sh-14 sv- 9 ga
               6th attacker, 3:05-(0)-(0)-0
          L.V., Brett Phillips W(4-3), 60:00-34-19-7

     Saturday, July 2

     The five goals scored tied the CISL record for lowest

2 (OT) score) . . . Craig Huft scored the game-winner for the
Knights, who have won 3 straight, all on the road . . . Carolina
was led by Brad Agoos' goal and assist.

Shots-    Carolina 25, Sacramento (18)
GK-       Sac., Mike Dowler W(5-3), 60:00-25 sh-17 sv-2 ga
          Car., Yaro L(1-5), 57:01-18-9-3
               6th attacker, 2:59-(0)-(0)-0

     Kia netted the game-winning goal, his hat trick goal, 5:18
into overtime.  He also added 2 assists for Pittsburgh . . .
Mikail Izotov (1G,3A) and Chris Kelly (2G) also helped the
Stingers . . . Drago continues his scoring tear with 2 goals and
3 assists, 19 assists in his last 5 games for Detroit . . . Joey
Murtaugh had an assist and two goals for the Neon.  

Shots-    Pittsburgh 37, Detroit 29
GK-       Pit., Doug Petras W(3-4), 65:18-29 sh-16 sv-6 ga
          Det., Curtis McAlister L(2-1), 65:18-37-17-7

     Dallas rallied from a 6-5 deficit after three quarters to
tie the game, then won it on David Doyle's goal with only 5
seconds left in the game . . . Doyle also had three assists and
recently signed Dave Reichart had 2 goals . . . Franklin McIntosh
keeps on scoring, with 3 goals and 2 assists and Lee Tschantret
had 2 goals and an assist for the 'Sharks . . . Dallas picked up
23 blocks.

Shots-    Arizona 40, Dallas 37
GK-       Arz., Nat Gonzalez L(2-3), 59:55-37-16-8
               6th attacker, 0:05-0-0-0
          Dal., Joe Papaleo W(6-0), 60:00-40-10-7

     La Raza has blown out their past three opponents at home by
a 42-12 score, or an average rout of 14 to 4! . . . Zizinho
(3G,1A), Genoni Martinez (3G,1A), Jaime Cantu (4A), and Martin
Hernandez (2G,1A) led La Raza . . . without their two best
players (Jeff Betts and Rob Baarts), the Pride have lost four
straight games.

Shots-    Monterrey 52, Portland 20
GK-       Por., Jim Gorsek L(3-5), 60:00-52 sh-24 sv-11 ga
          Mon., Raul Salas W(5-4), 60:00-20-10-2

Shots-    Anaheim 43, San Jose 33
GK-       Ana., Jorge Valenzuela L(6-2), 58:30-33 sh-15 sv- 13 ga
               6th attacker, 1:30-0-0-0
          S.J., Mark Lenhert W(2-4), 59:53-43-25-9
               6th attacker, 0:07-0-0-0

     Sunday, July 3

     The Warthogs have lost three straight at home . . . Nebo
Bandovic (4G, including GWG), Mirko Castillo (2G0 and goalkeeper
Shawn Ray (2A) led the Hotshots . . . Ray also made a CISL
season-high 34 saves, second best in CISL history (48 by Joe

had a goal and three assists for Washington.

Shots-    Washington 47, Houston (34)
GK-       Hou., Ray W(3-4), 60:00-47 sh-34 sv-6 ga
          Was., David Tenny L(0-1), 58:43-34-12-7

*************** CISL PLAYER OF THE WEEK, WEEK FOUR **************

     Houston Hotshots' goalkeeper SHAWN RAY.  He went 2-1 for the

getting the second highest single-game total in CISL history.  He



     I will try to post these summaries and results on the
Thursday following the week.  If I have no information at the
time for a particular game, I will post nonetheless what I have.
However, although eventually I will get the info (hopefully!), I
will not post them (update them) here.  If you e-mail me and ask
for stats for a game, I will be happy to e-mail you personally
what I know.  Most of my info comes from the Splash offices and
Eric Templin, PR rep for the Splash, the CISL and individual team
news releases, word-of-mouth from netters like you, and newspaper
accounts.  Most of the stats come from official box scores by the
teams, but even those have some errors in them (especially those
expansion teams at home!).  Also, I may have mistyped something
in my rush to get this information out.  Sorry!  

Scott M Tamashiro