Play-offs:Good Luck to all Teams

Play-offs:Good Luck to all Teams

Post by aesba2.. » Sun, 21 May 1995 04:00:00

Having to play in a play-off game for the first time I would like to say that I
have sympathy for those teams involved in the play-off that didn't get through
to the final of their particular league.Also I would like to wish all the teams
still involved in the play-offs the best of luck except of course Aberdeen who
don't deserve another chance to get themselves out of the situation they find
themselves in.Personally I have never been in favour of play-offs and think
that the teams that deserve to go up don't always do so.I mean Reading and
Bolton both deserve to go up but due to league reorganisation only one will go
up while the other will be forced to spend at least another season in the First
Division.I will be thinking of you all when I am at Pittordie tomorrow
supporting Dunfermline.Best of luck to one and all.

Bye for now.

Dunfermline No 1-fighting Aberdeen and the Scottish Football Association and in
this race there is no silver medal for finishing second.

Come On Ye Pars


Play-offs:Good Luck to all Teams

Post by Derek Aust » Thu, 25 May 1995 04:00:00

Thanks for that message . I think however that playoffs are a good
idea , however I like the Scots idea of the bottom club(s) playing
off with the teams from the top of the lower divsion.

Thus Norwich,C.Palace,Leicester and Ipswich would play Bolton and
Reading the top 2 in going through.