Liverpool wins a game

Liverpool wins a game

Post by William Ho » Wed, 03 Dec 1997 04:00:00

> Liverpool's match against Arsenal was not one of the better encounters,
> however, Liverpool maybe on the mend.  We still have the oppportunity to
> win the Preiership, however, it will be a tough slog.  Macca played well,
> his turn and shot from the throwin was excellent.  However, Liverpool's
> defence, including David James nearly let us down again.  Many have been
> saying on the group, that it is Liverpool's defence, not James who is at
> fault fro mant of the goals.  Rubbish.  It is the keepers responsibilty to
> control the backline, to ensure that no players have the oppryunity to
> attack.  

Macca scored a great goal but didn't do very much else. I wish he made a
few more runs at the defence. But the level of play was indicative of
Liverpool's confidence (which is low at the moment). They were playing a
team which isn't doing very well either.

The acid test comes this weekend. If Liverpool comes away with a win or
draw against a rampant MU side, they would have salvaged their pride.

> What are your comments?  Is it the keepers responsibilty, or the sweepers?

Friedel won't be coming to Anfield and Evans will have to look elsewhere
to buy a good keeper. James played well at Highbury but he IS

The defence needs reorganization. The individual players are good and most
of the defenders will get a first team slot at other premiership teams.
While some do not like him, I am looking to Mark Wright returning ot the



Liverpool wins a game

Post by Steve Jone » Wed, 03 Dec 1997 04:00:00



> What are your comments?  Is it the keepers responsibilty, or the sweepers?

Your talking out of your arse :-) The keeper can only do so much, but
at the weekend James was faultless, only on one occasion did he look
even barely dodgy and that was when he was fouled anyway.  The Liverpool
defence played really well and limited Arsenal to *** all.

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