Assistance, s'il vous plait (that's 'Help' by the way)

Assistance, s'il vous plait (that's 'Help' by the way)

Post by Andrew Hurle » Thu, 31 Aug 1995 04:00:00

This is a slightly different version of a request I sent earlier this

Could anybody provide me with information on how to go about getting a
ticket or two for the match between AS Monaco and Leeds United on
12/09/95. The official tour options seem to consist of a thirty six hour
round trip by coach with enough time in the Principalty to buy a
postcard, or a flight from Manchester. Living in the South of England,
neither is particularly appealing.

I seem to remember that when Newcatle went to Spain a couple of years
ago, there were stories of sharing a beer with the locals, shirt swapping
and general good humour, yet it appears that Monaco is bracing itself for
WW3, on the advice of...who exactly ? The club tell us that we are loyal
and deserving of a better press than in the past, so why call out the
army ? The club are allegedly saying that there are no tickets available
unless you go with the official supporters club arranged travel.

Believe it or not, there are a few of us who would like to enjoy a beer
or two (at Monaco prices, that would be all we could afford as well), see
the place and make our own travel arrangements, without having to leave
immediately after the match. Believe me, a twelve hour coach trip after a
3-0 defeat as in Stuttgart is not my idea of a good night out !!  :o)

So if anybody can help, particularly any AS Monaco fans out there, please
get in touch.


Andy Hurley

P.S. I may even swap you my new 100% nylon neck-*** LUFC shirt.