5 Nations contest: Free Beer

5 Nations contest: Free Beer

Post by markha » Wed, 25 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I thought the free beer would get you to take a look, some people are so
predictable.  Seriously though, I put up a web site to allow people to
make their predictions on the 5 nations.  It's a quick form, just click
on the appropriate boxes and submit it.  


The following instructions appear on the web site:

"Fill in the form below and then press the submit button. Contest is
open until the first game starts. Contest results will be posted
on this web site after the last game. Each winner (all five selections
correct) will receive a pint of the best Vancouver Island
Lager at the Velox club house. Winners who cannot personally collect
their prize within a month of the contest end will be
toasted by myself as I drink their winnings."

Cheers, Mark