Currie Cup semi's

Currie Cup semi's

Post by Tony Fent » Fri, 20 Nov 1998 04:00:00


>Natal fell apart - as they seem to do regularly at the end of a season
>against stiff opposition.
>Free State creamed them in Durban in by far the best of the two
>Down in Cape Town WP had an easier sort of game (but a scrappy one)
>against Gauteng.

>The final is thus between WP and OFS.
>Some thoughts:

>1. Is the end of Natal's golden era? On this subject - it was
>interesting to see that Kings Park was not full. Attendance figures of
>42 000 were given. That is about two third full, is it not?

>2. Did Free State peak emotionally against Natal? It lloked like it at
>the end of the game. It looked like this was the one they wanted to
>win - understandable in light of the fact that there is a intense
>rivalry betwee these two.


Tell me Koos - were you one of the people that used to say in 1990
that Natal would only win the Cup once every 100 years and that their
win over Northerns was just a fluke? I certainly suspect you were!

Your comment about the end of Natal's Golden Era must fall into the
same category of "most-embarassing" predictions. Once again you appear
to be letting your provincialistic jealousy cloud your judgement. To
condemn Natal after losing two matches (even with poor performance)
after a 28 (or 29) match winning streak must stretch even the most
imaginative mind.

I must admit, however, that I am also surprised at the attendance
figures (by my calculations approx. 80%), for what could clearly be
predicted to be a close and hard fought match.

Whilst as a loyal Natal supporter I am naturally disappointed at their
loss, my sincere congratulations must go to the Free Staters who
clearly deserved their win in a most entertaining and exciting game.
It would be good to see them pick up the torch carried by Natal over
the last few years and continue to "stick it" to the "older/senior"
teams like WP, "Northerns" and "Transvaal".

I guess that we may well see the Cup passing between teams more
frequently in future, now they are professional. Should any of the
(albeit richer) teams suffer from poor performance it will now be
purely a matter of buying better players/coaches (as we have seen
recently) wether locally or from overseas.

Once again, Well Done to Free State. I suppose I could always look on
the bright side - at least I can now relax and enjoy the final!
Somehow that doesn't really seem to compensate!

Tony Fenton