NPC first division - Week 5 results

NPC first division - Week 5 results

Post by Euan Kilgo » Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Firstly,  Thanks for putting the results up for us Richard.  I really have
missed people posting weekly NPC updates like this.

>  Team             P  W  L  D  F   A   4+  <7  Pts
>  Canterbury       5  4  1  0 205  115  4   0   20
>  Waikato          5  4  1  0 207   92  2   0   18
>  Otago            5  3  2  0 146  146  3   0   15
>  Nth Harbour      5  3  2  0 112  113  2   0   14
>  Wellington       5  3  2  0 139  119  1   1   14
>  Taranaki         5  3  2  0 119  100  0   1   13
>  Auckland         5  2  3  0 136  146  1   2   11
>  Southland        5  2  3  0  64  200  0   0    8
>  Counties Manukau 5  1  4  0 104  147  1   2    7
>  Northland        5  0  5  0  77  131  0   3    3

> With the way things are currently going it looks like teams will need
> 26 or more points to make the finals.
> This means...

> Canterbury, should easily make the finals.  There toughest match will
> in the penultimate round when the challenge Waikato for the Ranfurly
> Shield.

I think they also play Harbour and Taranaki,  who will put up a tough
fight.  Almost certain to make top 4.

> Waikato, have three home games and one away game.  They should also
> make the finals as long as the Ranfurly Shield defenses don't upset
> their flow.

Waikato are yet to play Northland.  They can drop two games and still make
the finals (although they would not have the Shield and will have to play
away),  so there is much at stake for them.  Their home games are against
Harbour,  Northland and Canterbury,  before playing away against Taranaki.

> Otago, also have three home games and one away game.  They are quite
> capable of winning all four.  But three wins will see them in the
> finals.

Otago also have played most of their tough matches against teams ahead of
them on the table,  and have a relatively easy run to the end.  They have
to pick themselves up and finish strongly,  or they run the risk of losing
their position in the top four.

> North Harbour, have four very tough games against the current top 3
> plus Auckland.  With only one home game it will be difficult to make
> the finals.  But if they win all four then that should get them to the
> top of the table.

Because they had relatively poor performances against teams lower down the
table,  Harbour are in for a rough ride if they are to claim a spot in the
top four,  starting with a Ranfurly Shield Challenge at Rugby Park against
Waikato this Saturday.

> Wellington, have a game against Auckland next week at Athletic Park.
> If they win that game then they'll be setup well to make the finals.

Wellington's game against Auckland IMO will decide who will make the finals.

> Taranaki, only have two home games left, against two tough opponents.
> They'll need to win one of these matches to make the finals.

They play both Canterbury and Waikato at home,  both teams have handed out
thrashings at the Bull Ring in the past too.  Taranaki have the team to
pull off an upset,  which by the recent results are showing that could

> Auckland, probably has the easiest games left out of all the teams.
> Auckland's remaining matches are against four other teams that could
> also make the finals.  Their finals destiny is in their hands; if they
> win their remaining matches well then they'll make the finals.

This will be Aucklands big test.  Can they build on their win to salvage
the season?

> Southland, are really out of finals contention.  As they need to win
> all four of their remaining games.  Even then they would probably end
> up equal on points with another team, and their for/against record is
> not in good shape after the thrashing that Waikato gave them.

> Counties and Northland, are also really out of finals contention

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