The Welsh in England (was Re: Final English Standings 96/97 Season.)

The Welsh in England (was Re: Final English Standings 96/97 Season.)

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On Mon, 26 May 1997 09:41:39 +0800, Richard Bridgman


>> I am sure that he enjoyed the Australia v Wales games because
>> Wales lost. He would have had no joy as a result of seeing Australia
>> win.

>Strangely enough, no. I didn't enjoy the game because I didn't
>think it was a particularly good one. Also, and hard as this
>might be to believe, I was hoping Wales would win because I
>believe I have more in common with a British team than I do
>with an Australian one. I also prefer the style of play that
>they certainly used to play, and that they seem to be trying
>to play again. If Welsh supporters (or English ones) feel
>outraged at the thought of an Englishman daring to ally himself
>with something Welsh, too bad.

>When the Welsh team were over here in Western Australia, a
>friend of mine, Gareth Jones (guess where *he's* from) and
>his young son and myself went to try and catch a glimpse of
>the Welsh side during a practice session. Unfortunately we
>were late and the main session had finished, but Jenkins was
>still there practicing his place-kicking, and Ieaun Evans was
>returning them. Gareth's son couldn't contain himself and rushed
>over for an autograph, which both players were happy to sign.
>I have to say they were both extremely pleasant, and Ieaun Evans
>in particular is a top bloke, and was happy to have a chat (even
>if we didn't quite know what to say to him). Jenkins *does* have
>the most ridiculous ears though !

>Richard Bridgman

I saw Ponty play Cardiff a few years back. A hard , bruising game -
the players we leaving the field knackered. A very young lad called
out to Neil Jenkins and Neil went over had a chat with a couple of the
fans and signed a few autographs, seemed to be at ease with the crowd.
He may be no beauty contest winner but he's a nice guy !
good to see him back after a 10 week absence.
btw - I'm a Cardiff fan

Steve Crowley