Rugby - ping: Charlie Pearce

Rugby - ping: Charlie Pearce

Post by Bob » Fri, 04 Dec 2009 07:58:23

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> > > I've been watching some of the rugby internationals on the Iplayer. Can
> > > you say why the kicking game is so much more popular than I recall from
> > > back in the '90s. A game often degenerates into ping-pong for a while,
> > > and it is quite annoying how often it does so. I can't work out why it
> > > happens so much now, but didn't back then.
> > There was a rule change involving the rucking that made penalties much
> > easier to give away. So now we suffer ping pong. The rule is apparently
> > going to be repealed for next season.

> Do you know what specifically the change was? ?Are you saying they
> adopted something that makes it more likely that the side going into
> the ruck WITH the ball would wind up penalized? ?Some amendment
> regarding obstruction, maybe?
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> No, I don't know what the change was.
> Yes, apparently so.
> No idea, but it seems that a lot of penalties have been given at rucks.

> I half heard a radio conversation between two commentators just before one
> of the matches held last weekend.

> Chris