David Clark's comments after Scotland game

David Clark's comments after Scotland game

Post by Bryan Ra » Tue, 11 Jun 2002 04:48:57

i knew it! i knew it wasn't Clark's idea to continually play the ***
backline he has been playing, it's those god-awful selectors that are still
around! finally some sense! here's what coach Clark had to say after the
loss to Scotland:

"We haven't got the backline right - I know that - and talking with the
selectors they agree with me," said the tired looking Australian who had
just returned from his homeland, stinging from a 102-8 pasting at the hands
of Australia A. "We have got to get people on the field with a catch and
pass game, who threaten the line in attack, can make their tackles and shut
down the opposition on the wide. We are getting burned on the outside and we
are not doing it correctly. So there are some options we have but it is a
matter of getting the right personnel in the right place."

maybe he's reading my posts after all... i hope and pray that this signals
the end of Bob Ross in the no10 jersey, and also the end of Nik Witkowski on
the wing... and maybe Fred Asselin too until he learns how to tackle! who
will we see there? no idea to be honest... Harold Williams maybe... Sean
Fauth perhaps... Barry Ebl a longshot? we shall see, but at least he knows
now that our backline is SHITE and he needs some competance out there...


Bryan Ray