Post by BrritSk » Sun, 17 Mar 2013 18:59:17

Really looking forward to this match.

Despite what some pundits are saying - respected ones too like Mcgeechan
- I really think that Wales are strong favourites.

They're on form, experienced, match England man for man, have no real
weaknesses except in the lineout, have good defence and are likely to
score tries. Plus they're at home and there's the added bonus of
thrashing the hated English as well as winning another 6N.

And yet, and yet...  England have a poor back 3 and unbalanced back row
with Morgan out as good as the players/bench are individually, but they
have something about them as a team. I think they're minds were on today
when they played last Sunday and didn't pay Italy enough respect on the
field, but they'll be back to their ***y-minded best today and come
out with as much fire as the Welsh.

I hope so anyway - they need to match their performance against the ABs
in December to prove it was not a one-off and that they're a big match side.

Whichever way it goes I think it will be very close and that we'll win
the 6N even if we don't get the GS which I think would be the best
result for us in the long term.

May the best team win !