Pre-season [E] [AD1+2]

Pre-season [E] [AD1+2]

Post by Booni » Tue, 12 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Pre-season trial at Bedford on Saturday,

Bedford 26 - Saracens 26.

It was ***y hot & tooooo much trouble to queue for a beer. First time
I've seen rugby whilst sober. Kardoni still impresses me. Quite a few
strange faces wearing Sarries shirts. Nice ground and nice people, shame
Sarries didn't advertise the game (some policy going on?).

Next Saturday there will be a friendly at The Vicarage Road ground
Watford between Saracens and Wasps. KO at 3:00pm (I believe) entry is
one pound which will go to charity.

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