Large Club/Small Club Partnerships

Large Club/Small Club Partnerships

Post by Pete » Fri, 25 Jul 1997 04:00:00

It is reported in the Eastern Daily Press on 18th July that Leicester
have signed a partnership deal with Norwich who are in Courage London
League One several leagues down from Leicester.

The deal makes Norwich a satellite club for Leicester meaning they can
tap into Leicester's vast coaching and administrative experience, while
the Tiger's get first call on the Norfolk club's most promising players.
Bob Dyer said "On a very simple basis it's because I think the big clubs
have to give to receive. If we are to expect support from the smaller
clubs in terms of them directing their best players towards the major
teams then we have to send something back and we can do this with this
sort of arrangement. I hope it will be very beneficial to both sides."

Under the new arrangement the Norwich first team have been invited to
train at Leicester once a month. Places at Leicester's rugby academy
will be kept open for promising Norwich players and there is a chance of
Leicester coaches organising sessions at Norwich. In return, Leicester
can pick and choose players, and may be advised by Norwich about other
promising players from other teams in the region.

It would be interesting to know what the arrangements are in other parts
of the RU World i.e NZ, Aus, SA, France, Italy, Argentina, Canada, USA &
Japan. Are there similar types of partnerships between big and small
clubs or the more traditional method of scouts going out to select
promising youngsters and feedback through normal channels?

Also how the arrangement has worked out in practice. What benefits have
accrued to the smaller club in terms of improving their players level of
skills and performance and league position?