AD player number of games...

AD player number of games...

Post by Ian Diddam » Sat, 06 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Some may recall way back in the dim and distants mists of last August
*IIRC) the Mayfair Agreement alleged that players would be allowed to
play no more than so many games for their club (32?), plus international
representation (or somesuch).

Anybody any idea as we approach the close of the season how individuals
are measuring up under the "games played" rule?  And whether when push
comes to shove anybody is going to follow/enforce it?

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AD player number of games...

Post by Duncan Keen » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00


> to this***erill and Johnson have played 21 club games. Add to that I think
> 8 possible international matches. Then there are 7 club games left to go
> (from memory only one of these was an Anglo-Welsh.)

The news from Leicester is that they have adopted a policy that 37 games
means 37 FULL games, as in 37 x 80: 2960 mins.
This means that as players like***erill have often been taken off after
the hour then they will come nowhere near 37 Games.
Likewise Johnson can be named in the team for the Cardiff game and come
off after about 20 mins thus hardly adding to his running minutes total
at all.
Apparently Deano has charts up at the training ground showing how many
minutes each member of the squad has played.

Duncan Keene